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The Wilds of Antarctica

This yacht expedition is brimming with action, adventure, and extraordinarily diverse and resilient wildlife. It will take you soaring over glittering glaciers by helicopter, camping on uncharted territory, and enjoying organic and intimate encounters with a diverse range of endemic species.

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Family Adventure in Papua New Guinea and The Solomon Islands

On this fantastic family trip, tour Papua New Guinea and The Solomon Islands. Hike unexplored wildernesses, climb active volcanoes, and witness tribal ceremonies as your yacht cruises between exquisitely beautiful tropical anchorages.

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Svalbard Expedition: Home of the Polar Bear

Svalbard is a stunning Arctic destination offering towering glaciers, imperious wildlife, and the wondrous Northern Lights. A yacht expedition through this Arctic archipelago guarantees incredible experiences, from the waves gilded by the midnight sun to immense walrus colonies.

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Make 2024 epic with a heli-ski adventure

Discover the best and most unique locations in the world on the ultimate heli-ski experience with Pelorus Yachting.

Swap winter blues with Indonesian hues

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We care about our planet

Pelorus Yachting stand behind yacht conservation by pioneering vital marine exploration as a company and introducing our clients to the cause.

In collaboration with Pelorus Foundation, we are addressing the unique opportunity to pair marine scientists and conservation experts. By joining marine biologists and understanding their work in the field, from hammerhead shark tagging expeditions to aiding in sea turtle hatching, we are committed to curating purposeful experiences that make a lasting impact on our planet.

Who we are

As a team we look to bring you the Earth's most remote, stunning, and culturally vibrant destinations - often only achievable by vessel. Our expertise connects you to these exclusive places, turning the extraordinary into your reality.

Our Expedition Designers are always on the go, including testing everything in advance to ensure our clients only get the very best, inspiring our team to create trips that make the most of a client’s time away. Find out where our team have recently been.

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