Luxury Iceland Expeditions

Uncover the awe-inspiring beauty of Iceland’s untouched wilderness whilst on a luxury yachting holiday. Climb aboard a helicopter from the comforts of your yacht before heading off to freshly powered peaks. Explore breathtaking landscapes and immerse yourself in the Artic North.

Experience the magic of the Northern Lights as it dances in the skies above and explore landscapes sculpted by ancient volcanoes, waterfalls and natural wonders.

This all-year-round destination promises you an extraordinary yachting adventure across this enchanting icey realm with Pelorus Yachting.

Featured Iceland Experience

Circumnavigating Iceland: The Land of Fire & Ice

Discover Iceland’s unique treasures on a yacht charter circumnavigation. Spot arctic foxes and orcas, swim between tectonic plates, and hike, heli-ski, and heli-surf on this unforgettable adventure.


Need help planning your luxury yacht expedition in Iceland?

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