Wild Encounters in Southeast Alaska

Experience the dramatic beauty of Southeast Alaska with its magnificent glaciers, mountains and abundant thriving wildlife. Exploring this region by yacht allows exclusive access to this unspoilt coastline, and the opportunity to cruise through spectacular fjords to reach remote towns that are inaccessible by road. With daily animal sightings and encounters, this Alaskan itinerary is the ultimate wildlife discovery adventure.

When to go

April - September

Arrive into Sitka where your yacht and crew will be waiting. Once settled, take a tender ashore to spend the afternoon exploring the town and the remnants of its Russian heritage. Visit the Sitka National Historical Park, featuring elaborate totem poles carved by the Tlingit and Haida people. Back on board your yacht you’ll be treated to a native Tlingit dance performance, as an authentic welcome to Alaska.

Head out to sea with local fishermen on a fully equipped deep-sea fishing vessel. Journey to top-secret spots where salmon, halibut, and rockfish all flourish. Following a relaxing morning in one of the best saltwater fishing regions in the world, return to your yacht where your onboard chef will prepare your fresh catch of the day. Take a tender to shore to visit the Fortress of the Bear, an old pulp mill that has been transformed into a refuge for orphaned Alaskan brown bear cubs. Here you can spend some time with these endearing creatures as they swim, sleep and play.

Close Encounters

Hop aboard one of your yacht’s tenders at dawn and head towards Sealion Cove for an invigorating sunrise surf. You can expect to be the only surfers on the water, other than the local seal lions playing in the breaks. Surf to shore where your breakfast will be served on the white sandy beach by the crew. Back on board, cruise past the uninhabited Baranof Island towards Krestof Sound, keeping an eye out for bald eagles, sea otters, bears and whales in their natural habitats.

With your yacht anchored in Hoonah, venture out on the jet skis with an expert guide for a whale watching excursion of a lifetime. Experience Alaska in total freedom as you explore the icy straight with only the wild Alaskan whales to keep you company. Take to the skies for an afternoon of heli-biking. Touch down on Chichagof Island and descend the forested mountain track all the way to a secluded beach. Here, your crew will set up a bonfire and beach dinner party where you can unwind after an adventure-packed day.

Cruise to the unexplored Glacier Bay National Park, a privilege that few have experienced. Indulge in its majestic ice cliff and mountain top views and observe the native wildlife, including seals, whales, eagles and bears. Keep an ear out for the glacier’s famous crack and thud as the ice breaks and plummets to the sea below. Board a tender with your Pelorus guide to get as close to the glacier as is safely possible. You’ll be awed by the enormous scale of this natural wonder. Here, you’ll also have the option to hike the Bartlett River Trail. A route that meanders along a lagoon and through the forest to the Bartlett River Estuary where ducks, geese and other birds congregate during migrations.

Explore by rail & from the air

After experiencing Glacier Bay at sea level, you’ll have the opportunity to observe this 25-million-acre World Heritage site from the air. From your private bush plane, peer down crevasses hundreds of feet deep and witness the rivers of ice flowing from the mountain tops. Disembark at Carcross where you’ll board the famous White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad. Pass tumbling waterfalls and deeply etched gorges as you curve around the mountain in vintage carriages on this unforgettable 20-mile journey.

Fly from your yacht to the Juneau Icefield by amphibious floatplane, a trip that will provide spectacular views over Mendenhall Glacier. Upon landing, a team of huskies will be waiting to race you across the snow-covered valleys. Experience Alaska’s most unique form of transport as you head to a local restaurant, only reachable by sled, for an authentic smoked salmon delicacy. Later, you’ll head north to Adlersheim with a local dive guide where you’ll go diving for king crab and scallops. This particular region is also home to the world’s largest sea lions who are known to be playful with divers in the water. A large number of humpback whales are commonly found in this area too, and underwater, you may be able to hear their soothing song as they communicate with one another.

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