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Yacht Expedition Planning Services

As former crew members and yachting industry experts, we understand the level of planning and precision needed.

We support Captains and crew with everything required for a successful bespoke yachting expedition, from permits and visas to training and certification together with itinerary planning to allow you to focus on looking after your owner or guests.

Captains & Crew

Our Expedition Designers are regularly in conversation with the captains throughout the planning process, taking into account their preferences regarding cruising routes and schedules. We communicate with the chief stewardess and chief officer to ensure we consider the crew’s skillset and required rest time. We won’t ask you to create a remote beach set-up while also preparing the vessel for a change of guests, or schedule provisioning alongside an afternoon of water sports; unless we have the local support to take the pressure off, allowing the crew to do what they do best.

Permitting & Visas

Pelorus can arrange all the necessary permits for expeditions as well as organising the visa process for guests and crew, thus easing the workload on board when introducing a yacht and its crew to a new region. Whether it is arranging visas to be available upon arrival or navigating the complexities of permitting for restricted or military areas, Pelorus are able to provide crucial on shore support.

Cruising Plans

Aside from working with captains and crew to plan the best itinerary for each project, Pelorus Yacht Expeditions create one to two-year cruising plans take advantage of the best opportunities in each region, and ensure that Owners and crew are fully prepared for the long-term.

Polar Code Training

Pelorus can facilitate Polar Code training for crews venturing into polar regions. We also arrange for captains and chief officers to be send to Antarctica and other regions ahead of their vessel to become experienced in ice pilotage and weather shelters, with a long-term result of minimising the additional personnel required by area regulations.

Helicopter Operations

Pelorus can arrange heli operations training for crew and have excellent access to a worldwide network of helicopters and seaplanes, even in remote destinations. We remain up to date with regulations around the world and can source a support vessel to accompany you on your expedition if your yacht doesn’t have a helipad or you require additional equipment or toys.

Submersible Pilot Training and Certification

With the demand for submarine experiences on private and chartered yachts on the rise, training existing yacht crew in submersible operations can be more cost-effective and space-efficient, sometimes even negating the need for additional support vessels to accommodate extra submarine crew.

Pelorus Yachting can facilitate submersible training and certification for yacht crew, from 1-day introductory courses to in-depth chief pilot modules. We can even arrange for the training to be done on board your yacht should there be a need to train multiple crew members.

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