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Discover the sprawling paradise of Indonesia, offering an unparalleled tapestry of natural wonders and cultural riches – think cascading waterfalls, Komodo dragons and delightful culinary experiences.

Explore the underwater ecosystems that are home to a breathtaking array of marine species that Indonesia has to offer, from graceful manta rays and majestic sea turtles, with full peace of mind that the comfort of your yacht is not far away. You can choose a traditional luxury phinisi sailing yacht to journey through the diverse archipelago of this Southeast Asian region.

Featured Indonesian Experiences

Marine Conservation in Raja Ampat

The island chain of Raja Ampat is a paradise of sugar-sand beaches, turquoise shallows, and verdant hills. Join a group of conservationists as they work to preserve this region’s manta ray population, as part of a deeply enriching yacht experience in one of the world’s most spectacular places.  


Yacht Expedition in Sumba and Komodo National Park

Nusa Tenggara Timur is a province made up of more than 500 unique islands. This region boasts high biodiversity, smoking volcanoes, and rich underwater landscapes. Encounter dragons at Komodo National Park and surf breaks off the coast of Sumba. Discover pristine nature picturesque villages and deserted beaches on which to sink into absolute relaxation. 

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Hammerheads, Volcanoes, & Active Exploration in Indonesia

On this paradisal charter, dive among Raja Ampat’s crystal-clear waters and vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life before continuing to the Spice Islands’ verdant rainforests and volcanic peaks. Conclude your journey encountering schooling hammerhead sharks on a unique underwater experience.

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The Natural Wonders of Timor Leste

This yacht expedition will open your eyes to Timor Leste, one of Southeast Asia’s most seldom explored countries, where a wealth of cultural and natural experiences await.

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