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Antarctica is known for its breath-taking scenery, diverse wildlife and the opportunities it provides for scientific research, conservation and discovery.

From exploring deep waters in a submersible to observing penguin colonies thriving in their natural habitat, or gracefully gliding through untouched polar landscapes to encounter humpback whales and orcas from afar. Heli to isolated mountain tops and ski down untouched slopes at sunrise, if time and weather permit, stop to explore old whaling stations and shipwrecks left behind.

Visiting Antarctica by yacht, particularly those equipped with exploration assets such as helicopters, snow mobiles and submarines, will ensure your time in the white desert is optimised while also providing unrivalled comfort, luxury and flexibility.

Featured Experiences

The Wilds of Antarctica

This yacht expedition is brimming with action, adventure, and extraordinarily diverse and resilient wildlife. It will take you soaring over glittering glaciers by helicopter, camping on uncharted territory, and enjoying organic and intimate encounters with a diverse range of endemic species.

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A Ski & Sail Adventure in Antarctica

Antarctica truly is the final frontier; on a ski and sail yacht expedition here, you will speed down pristine slopes, admire untouched wilderness and marvel at the abundant fauna and marine life of the Southern Continent. All the while, enjoy the unique connection to the elements that can only be found whilst sailing.

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Explore Antarctica Differently

Heli-ski to the ends of the earth

Make tracks in unchartered territory, discovering pristine slopes and untouched wilderness at its greatest. Our Antarctic yacht expeditions provide access to helicopters, enabling epic heli-skiing further inland, gaining you access to ski mountains that have never been skied before in a truly exhilarating experience, alongside experienced mountain guides who will show you the ropes. A videographer will also accompany you to bring back evidence of your action-packed adventure that you will treasure forever.

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Plunge into the underwater world in a submersible

It’s true that Antarctica is breath-taking enough above water. However, submersibles enable you to plunge to the ocean depths below to see what is hiding beneath the icy waters of the frozen continent. Discover the fascinating marine life in this part of the world, spy historical shipwrecks, and marvel at the scale of the icebergs as you discover the depths of the ocean alongside experts.

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