Expedition Services

To expedition means to journey with a purpose, and doing so by yacht opens up a world of possibilities. Whether your purpose is to explore untouched landscapes, carry out research and experience wildlife, or to be immersed in new cultures and traditions, and simply discover spectacular new destinations with loved ones. Pelorus Yachting will be there every step of the way to ensure meticulous planning, preparation, and execution. And of course, thrill, wonder and enjoyment.

Services we offer

Expedition Planning Services

Pelorus Yachting has an established Expedition Planning Service crafting personalised itineraries for Captains and Owners of private and commercial yachts to fully prepare for their time cruising a particular location. We understand the scope of work in running a vessel and are well-versed in the attention to detail required to ensure a smooth expedition adventure.

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Expedition Logisitcs

The bespoke yacht expeditions that Pelorus Yachting creates are oftentimes complex with many moving parts. As a result, our services cover every possible logistical and technical element.

We look after in the communication and organisation between yacht owners, captains, yacht charter brokers and on the ground personnel, this ensures our clients are only left to enjoy their bespoke yachting holiday. From arranging a support vessel that cater your needs to organising medical scare on board if required, get in touch with Pelorus Yachting to start planning today.

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