Luxury Surfing

The Pelorus Yachting team have curated world-class surfing experiences in some of the world’s most coveted surf destinations. Surf the legendary breaks of Fiji, renowned for their power and unrivalled beauty, dance with nature on the Pacific shores of Costa Rica or find solace by gliding effortlessly over the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Throughout your adventure, a team of expert local guides, will accompany you, ensuring a seamless journey from picturesque breaks to undiscovered gems.

Your yacht will serve as a private sanctuary, granting access to exclusive surf spots accessible only by sea. Revel in the luxury of uncrowded breaks, a rare luxury in today's surf scene. As the sun sets, your vessel gracefully repositions to unveil new horizons, ensuring each dawn brings fresh waves and untouched coasts for your exploration. Wake up to the allure of a new island or a coastal haven, all meticulously selected for the most ideal surfing conditions.

For the avant-garde adventurer, experience the thrill of foiling – a cutting-edge water sport that propels you above the ocean's surface. Master the art of flight with personalised lessons led by seasoned instructors, ensuring a seamless transition from the traditional to the extraordinary.

While not conquering waves or soaring above the sea, immerse yourself in the onboard oasis. From wellness retreats to indulgent water sports, your yacht is a floating haven of entertainment, offering a host of indulgences for moments when the surf takes a backseat.

Summer 2024

Olympic Surfing in Tahiti

More than idyllic white sand beaches and swaying palm trees, Tahiti is home to a vibrant and diverse underwater world teeming with marine life, thriving coral conservation initiatives, lustrous pearl farms, ancient temples steeped in history, and incredibly friendly locals.

As host of the Paris 2024 Olympic Surfing competition, Tahiti offers a truly captivating and unparalleled experience when witnessed from the comfort of a luxury private charter yacht. Its reputation precedes it as a fast and powerful force of nature, well suited to goofy footers like Olympic Champion Italo Ferreira and three-time world champion Gabriel Medina.

Following the thrilling three-day competition, explore the Society Islands or embark on an extraordinary dive charter to explore the Tuamotus Archipelago.

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Experiences to Inspire

A Yachting Adventure in Costa Rica

Cruise Costa Rica’s Pacific coast with an adventurous itinerary that blends conservation and thrilling wildlife encounters. Surf in the world-renowned waves in Playa Tamarindo, take a submersible into the depths, chopper over volcanoes, and swim in secluded jungle waterfalls on a yacht experience to remember.

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Swim with Orcas in Lofoten

A distillation of Norway’s most dramatic contours, the Lofoten Islands lie adrift in the navy churn of the wild Norwegian Sea. Lofoten is also one of the world’s northernmost sites for surfing and one of the best spots in the world to encounter Orcas, so enjoy a day out on a whale safari, spotting humpbacks from your boat and getting into the water to swim with orcas.

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Charming Culture and Iconic Wildlife in Sri Lanka

The so-called Teardrop of India is a truly enticing destination, especially when explored by yacht, there is world-class surfing, sailing and diving, while the stilt fishermen and colonial towns offer true cultural immersion. With its leopard-stuffed national parks, striking UNESCO sites, and delicious, fiery cuisine, a trip to Sri Lanka is a world-class adventure.

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Crossing a continent in Panama

Panama presents the best of all worlds. Enjoy lazy days on deserted Caribbean Islands or dive in the Pacific in the company of pelagic giants. Discover indigenous peoples in dugout canoes and explore ruined Spanish forts perched on the edge of the Caribbean coast. Trek through the jungle, surf off the coast and snorkel rainbow reefs teeming with fish.

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