Luxury Papua New Guinea Yachting Holidays

Home to nearly 7,000 cultures, this remote corner of the Pacific is a paradise for intrepid travellers seeking untouched natural beauty and vibrant cultural encounters.

Papua New Guinea grants the opportunity to explore the hidden wonders of this South Pacific region. From exploring WWII wreckages and soaring high over active volcanos to participating in rituals and spearfishing with local tribespeople, Pelorus Yachting promises an extraordinary fusion of luxury and adventure.

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Family Adventure in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands

Discover Papua New Guinea and The Solomon Islands in the company of your family experiencing ancient rituals, essential conservation, and wildlife encounters. Papua New Guinea is one of the most culturally diverse and unexplored countries in the world, whilst the Solomon Islands boast dramatic landscapes, virtually untouched by the modern world.


Tribes & Traditions in Papua new Guinea

Journey to Papua New Guinea and discover its remarkable indigenous tribes, verdant backcountry, and mesmerizing WWII diving sites. With its network of local experts, Pelorus can provide stunning encounters—carefully managed for minimal impact upon the tribes—while you tour this country from the comfort of a luxury yacht.

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