Luxury Brazil Yachting Holidays

Rich in culture, traditions and history, Brazil is vibrant in colour and boasts a cuisine full of flavour. Cruise along golden coastlines, diving into crystal clear waters to uncover an underwater world teeming with life. Utilise the toys aboard your luxury yacht as you kayak down winding tributaries in the Amazon rainforest.

Experience energy and the vivacious lifestyle of Brazil whilst enjoying the comforts of your luxury yacht.

Featured Brazilian Experience

Uncover Brazil's Diverse Coastline By Yacht

Uncover the diverse landscapes of Brazil's most captivating and unexplored coastline on a yacht charter like no other. Drift along the edge of this resplendent region and access deserted areas accessible only by water. 

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Go With the Flow in The Amazon

Exploring the Brazilian Amazon by yacht allows you to immerse yourself in this immense natural wonder. Discover its exotic wildlife and plant life, encounter indigenous tribes, and swim beneath secluded waterfalls.

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