Solomon Islands
Yacht Charter

Cruise through the turquoise waters of this South Pacific archipelago, where remote islands and hidden lagoons await your discovery. 

Immerse yourself in the traditions of the indigenous communities, from vibrant dances to age-old rituals, or dive into vibrant coral gardens teeming with marine life. Your luxury yacht provides a haven of comfort and exploration, promising an unparalleled experience that marries opulence with the untouched wonders of the Solomon Islands.

Featured Experiences in the Solomon Islands

Family Adventure in Papua New Guinea & The Solomon Islands

Nusa Tenggara Timur is a province made up of more than 500 unique islands. This region boasts high biodiversity, smoking volcanoes, and rich underwater landscapes. Encounter dragons at Komodo National Park and surf breaks off the coast of Sumba. Discover pristine nature picturesque villages and deserted beaches on which to sink into absolute relaxation.


Wrecks & Reefs in the Solomon Islands

Navigate through the Solomon Islands on this enchanting trip beneath the waves and deep into the jungle. Dive sunken WWII seaplanes, hike to immense waterfalls, and spot saltwater crocodiles from your canoe. Beyond the military history and the natural wonders, you’ll also encounter the intriguing local culture while relaxing in luxury anchored in blissful tropical bays.


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