Luxury New Zealand Yachting Holidays

Let our travel experts guide you on an exclusive yachting adventure to the captivating beauty of New Zealand, a breathtaking landscape full of cultural treasures. Cruise through the indigo waters of the South Pacific, where verdant forests, dramatic fjords, and snow-capped peaks are your companions.

Your luxury yacht serves as your gateway to this diverse paradise, providing opulent comfort and access to remote wonders. Whether you desire thrilling outdoor escapades such as heli-skiing in the Southern Alps, or prefer a leisurely day on one of New Zealand's pristine beaches, your yachting journey promises a fusion of luxury and exploration.

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Discover New Zealand by Yacht

Discover the mystery and majesty of New Zealand on an epic yacht expedition. Known for its high-octane culture, go off-road exploring and heli-biking while meeting Maori warriors. When it’s time to slow down, hike the world-famous trails and savor the incredible wines. Select from the activities below to create your own tailor-made Pelorus itinerary.

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