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Yacht Expedition Logistics

The bespoke yacht expeditions that Pelorus Yachting creates are oftentimes complex with many moving parts. As a result, our services cover every possible logistical and technical element.

We look after the communication and organisation between yacht owners, captains, and on the ground personnel, this ensures our clients are only left to enjoy their bespoke yachting holiday. From arranging a support vessel that cater your needs to organising medical care on board if required, get in touch with Pelorus Yachting to start planning today

A deep understanding of both the yachting world and extreme exploration is imperative in preparing a yacht for world cruising, utilising yachts that have been specifically designed and equipped to tackle these far-flung, remote destinations.

1. Submersibles

Delve further into deep sea life with a submersible. Pelorus can source the most appropriate submersible vessel for your yacht and your itinerary, as well as provide a pilot or arrange necessary training and certification for the yachts’ crew. Discover more on our Submersible Expeditions hub.

2. Support Vessels

If your yacht doesn’t facilitate heli-operations, have enough space to carry a submersible, or room to accommodate the extra expedition staff often required for remote Pelorus yacht voyages, chartering a support vessel can be key. Pelorus have an excellent network of contacts and can arrange a support vessel to suit your specific needs.

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3. Aviation

Pelorus works with leading aviation companies, from commercial airlines and private jet charter companies to local helicopter and sea plane operators. We can transfer guests from home to superyacht anywhere in the world and can facilitate air exploration whilst at sea.

4. Host

A Pelorus director, expedition leader, or trusted guide will be on the ground with you at all times working alongside the captain and crew to ensure an additional level of support and the smooth, seamless running of your experience.

5. 24/7 Medical Support

Pelorus has a network of doctors and medics in all regions, available to travel with your group or be on standby should any medical support be required.

6. Security

Through our partners we can provide personal protection, risk management services and any additional security where necessary.

7. Diving Services

We have a network of highly experienced dive guides for each region we operate in, including access to dive equipment and compressors.

8. Specialist Equipment

In addition to what is already on the yacht, we can source a wide range of specialist equipment to take your experience to the next level.

9. Educate

Add a further element of education to your experience by spending time with respected field professionals sourced and vetted by Pelorus. These include marine biologists, conservationists, archaeologists, and scientists.

10. Photography & Video

Our network includes some of the most skilled yacht photographers and videographers who can capture the highlights of your experience that you can share, re-live and enjoy as a photo book or edited movie.

“Attention to detail was first class from the initial briefing onwards, the supply of information provided by Pelorus was spot on and helped the crew fully prepare for the remote location. All the logistics worked perfectly.” 

Neil Hornsby

Yacht Charter Broker, YACHTZOO

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