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Submersible Expeditions Yacht Charters

Venture where few people have as you dive below the waves in the comfort and safety of a submersible. Whether seeking to charter a submarine to launch from a yacht, a support vessel or wishing to include a dive as part of your land-based holiday, Pelorus Yachting can help you in your quest for underwater discovery.

With more than 80% of our ocean’s still unexplored, discovering the depths is a true adventure and one that few will experience in their lifetime. With Pelorus, you can access the mysteries of the deep and experience a dimension that is usually reserved for marine researchers, documentary camera crews and scientists.

“Our yachting team are increasingly seeing yacht owners looking to create bigger and more adventurous charter experiences that span the world, such as heli-skiing in Antarctica, diving with manta rays and whale sharks in Indonesia, or using submersibles to search for lost World War Two vessels around the Solomons.”

Gayle Patterson

Director of Pelorus Yachting

Experiences to Inspire

The Wilds of Antarctica

This Antarctic yacht expedition is brimming with action, adventure, and extraordinarily diverse and resilient wildlife. It will take you soaring over glittering glaciers by helicopter, camping on uncharted territory, and enjoying organic and unforgettable encounters from afar with a diverse range of endemic species.

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A Yachting Experience in Costa Rica

Explore a country where dense forests are filled with the calls of monkeys and exotic birdsong, iridescent butterflies and tumbling waterfalls. Cruise the Pacific coast of Costa Rica in a journey that pairs conservation and adventure through this natural playground. From kite surfing and deep-sea submersible dives, to helicoptering into volcanic jungles, your yacht experience here is sure to exceed your every expectation.

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Wreck Diving in Malta

Not just an idyllic island in the Mediterranean, Malta’s best kept secret is the European history which unveils itself on descending the ocean’s depths, where shipwrecks and treasures reveal themselves.

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Wrecks and Reefs in the Solomon Islands

Explore volcanic islands, crocodile-infested mangroves, blue lagoons, tropical islets, and emerald waters scattered with WWII relics. The Solomon Islands are rich in culture and renowned for their relaxed and calm way of life. An expedition by yacht allows you to combine time spent ashore with visits to the smaller islands as well as world-class diving locations. 

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Submersibles for charter

Submersible Pilot Training

Whether you want to upskill your yacht’s crew or you want to challenge yourself with a new proficiency, Pelorus can help you attain your submersible pilot or surface officer licence at a dedicated training centre in Curaçao.

Start Planning your submersible expedition Experience

Get in touch with our Expedition Designers to start building your bespoke submersible expedition experience as part of your yacht charter.

If you have another destination in mind, get in touch and you’ll be guaranteed an entirely bespoke, unique, and entirely unforgettable experience.