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With the environment at the forefront of not only global decision-making, but the decision-making behind our adventures, we are thrilled to introduce you to the Pelorus Foundation, our charitable arm working hard to protect the planet on which we live.

About Pelorus Foundation

Whilst creating bespoke experiences is at the heart of what we do, Pelorus aims to leave a positive, lasting impact on the planet. Whether it’s community engagement, hands-on conservation, or cleaning up the environment, on each unique trip we inspire our clients to play their part. It brings us great joy to make a difference in the corners of the world we explore, and it is this impact which stimulated a desire to do more. The new Foundation website clearly demonstrates the pioneering actions underway to make progressive change.

The Pelorus Foundation is a charity committed to enhancing our ability to protect, preserve and promote our planet by supporting sustainable initiatives. It is fact that the world has reached a critical point in its existence, and awareness is spreading that action must be taken now if our ecosystems and wildlife are to thrive into the future. The aim of the Foundation is to create and build on existing initiatives to accelerate the pace of change towards a more sustainable future in protecting our planet. By striving towards environmental, wildlife and marine conservation, we are dedicated to protecting at-risk species and environments.

Pelorus Foundation Projects

Through identifying vital projects, building long-standing partnerships and actively getting involved, the Pelorus Foundation is creating and supporting initiatives that address core environmental issues.

Through our Climate Investment Fund, created and run by Pelorus Foundation, wanting to take a hands-on approach to carbon emissions, the Fund creates sustainable partnerships directly with the projects on the ground, supporting communities on the front line of the climate crisis, and investing in the technology which is pioneering carbon removal.

Pelorus Foundation supports the view that project success depends on the long-term involvement of local people, on their own terms, on their own lands. That’s why the Foundation has chosen to support several Plan Vivo Standard certified projects which place the local population at the heart of the restoration projects. From co-creation, to arranging local NGO teams to run projects, the Plan Vivo projects give autonomy to communities on the forefront of the climate crisis.


The Pelorus Foundation has partnered with leading conservation organisations around the globe.

We would love your support

Your generous support is fundamental to the continuation and ongoing success of these inspiring initiatives. There are also opportunities to hop on board and actively get involved.

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