Climate Investment Fund

At Pelorus Aviation we are committed to scaling carbon removal in partnership with Pelorus Foundation, and their portfolio of carbon removal projects, known as the Climate Investment Fund (CIF). The Climate Investment Fund is a dynamic portfolio of carbon removal projects, existing to showcase and scale some of the world’s leading nature, hybrid and technology-led carbon removal solutions through the sale of carbon credits. The blended portfolio approach results in a mid-range price per tonne carbon credit that is able to invest in the advancement of carbon removal technology whilst supporting projects that drive international development within some of the communities worst affected by the climate crisis.

In partnership with Greenly, we measure the carbon footprint of each trip and balance these emissions via the Climate Investment Fund’s carbon credits, ensuring that your travel with Pelorus Aviation supports the scale of carbon removal.

The portfolio invests in some of the world's leading start-up and grassroots projects, showcasing the future of innovative technologies that are encouraging the transition to more permanent carbon storage solutions, as well as supporting communities on the frontline of the climate crisis. From kelp carbon capture in Iceland to enhanced rock weathering in the UK, mangrove restoration in Kenya, regenerative agriculture in Indonesia and soil carbon sequestration in Mongolia.

By their nature, all carbon credit projects have their strengths and weaknesses which is why the Climate Investment Fund invests in both nature and hybrid technology projects. This enables a strong and adaptable approach to climate action, as well as encouraging the transition to more permanent carbon storage at an affordable price. Understanding how fast-paced developments are within the carbon removal industry, the portfolio has been designed to remain adaptable to these changes. This year, the projects have been carefully selected based on the following criteria:

Removing Carbon Dioxide

Investing in the less than 10% of carbon credits on the market that are removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, the Climate Investment Fund is aiming to create a portfolio that continues to showcase and support some of the most innovative carbon removal solutions.

Improving Rural Livelihoods

Supporting the view that project success depends on the long-term involvement of local people, on their own terms, on their own lands, the Climate Investment Fund supports several Plan Vivo Standard-certified projects which place the local population at the heart of the restoration projects. From co-creation, to arranging local NGO teams to run projects, the Plan Vivo projects give autonomy to communities on the forefront of the climate crisis. 


Supporting the scale and development of novel hybrid and technological solutions, the Climate Investment Fund is working to pioneer new methods needed to reverse climate change.


Timor-Leste & Indonesia

Forest Carbon

By sequestering CO₂ using photosynthesis and storing it in every part of the tree, a single tree can capture up to a tonne of CO₂ in its lifetime. The Climate Investment Fund’s two forest carbon projects are based in Indonesia and Timor-Leste and focus on agroforestry - supporting smallholder farmers to enhance their land with the growth and management of trees. This mitigates climate change, and reduces soil degradation whilst boosting biodiversity and improving local livelihoods.

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Soil Carbon Sequestration

Primarily mediated by plants through photosynthesis, the restoration of degraded agricultural land offers enormous capacity to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This community-driven Plan Vivo project works with more than 100 nomadic households in rural Mongolia to implement new approaches to restoring degraded grasslands – increasing soil carbon sequestration. Livestock remains one of Mongolia’s primary forms of livelihood yet, with the declining nomadic culture and herders adopting a more sedentary lifestyle, the land has become increasingly overgrazed – resulting in mass soil erosion.

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Blue Carbon

Blue carbon is the process whereby the world’s ocean and coastal ecosystems capture carbon. The project enhances this natural process with the help of innovative technology - enhancing the growth of kelp biomass which sequesters CO₂. The macroalgae is then sunk to the deep ocean floor where it’s stored for at least 800 years - thought to be the planet’s most effective and permanent carbon removal system.

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United Kingdom

Enhanced Rock Weathering

Enhanced rock weathering involves the spreading of crushed basalt rock onto agricultural land, permanently removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for 100,000+ years. Enhanced rock weathering is a pioneering carbon removal method that accelerates a natural geological process, whereby the CO₂ in rainwater interacts with rocks and soil, mineralises and is safely stored in carbonate form. UNDO’s nature-enabled climate technology is permanent, rapid and scalable, locking away up to 10 gigatonnes of CO₂ each year.

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“The immense restorative power of nature itself is one of the most cost-effective ways to tackle climate change, yet there is also an urgent need to invest in more expensive technology-led carbon credits that are pioneering new methods needed to reverse climate change. Through the Climate Investment Fund we hope to powerfully promote some of the world’s leading carbon removal projects to individuals and businesses with the capacity to make significant change to the future of our planet”.

Geordie Mackay-Lewis

Founder & Trustee of Pelorus Foundation

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