Yacht Charters

The Mediterranean has long been a hotbed of activity for luxury yacht travel with blissful summer temperatures, warm, calm waters and natural beauty, culture, mouth-watering cuisine and fascinating history in abundance.

With Pelorus, you’ll discover the route less travelled as you snorkel, dive, and kayak to isolated bays where you can explore ancient cave systems. Hang-glide over alpine forests, hike with naturalists or horseback ride through mystical forests. Dive further into the history of the ancient picturesque hill-top towns dotted along the coastline, as you explore with an expert guide. Fly over national parks and learn about the region's endemic wildlife before getting involved with local conservation efforts.

Discover the hidden depths of the Mediterranean Sea as you descend in a submersible to uncover wrecks and ruins of old.

Planning your Mediterranean Experience

Get in touch with our Expedition Designers to begin planning your next bespoke adventure to the Mediterranean.