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Set sail for the shores of Croatia on a luxury yachting holiday, uncovering rich history, natural beauty and magnificent coastal landscapes. Cruise along the infamous Dalmatian Coast, wander through medieval towns, and swim through the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea and vibrant marine life.

Explore Dubrovnik’s old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Delight in the flavours of Croatian cuisine as you sample fresh seafood and local wines. As the sun sets and the sky fills with stars return to your yacht to watch the sun melt into the horizon as you sip on sundowners and reminisce on the days adventures.

Featured Croatia Experience

A Journey through History in Croatia

Explore what is often described as Europe’s ‘most beautiful shoreline’ as you take a superyacht along the coast of Croatia. Discover its cathedral-like caves, island paradises, and fabulous cuisine while swapping between yacht, kayak, and helicopter on this stately adventure.

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