Rocky coastline with castle and houses on hill

A Journey Through History in Croatia

Famed for being the most beautiful shoreline in Europe, Croatia’s coast is home to mythical caves, mysterious islands and historic cities. Navigating these calm Mediterranean waters by superyacht offers incredible access to the best of both land and sea.

When to go

April - June, September - October

Experience Highlights

  • Explore historic Pula & go truffle hunting in Motovun
  • Dive a sunken Roman villa at Birjuni Marine Park
  • Aid the rehabilitation of griffon vulture chicks & search for lynx in Risnjak
  • Explore enchanting Gospodska’s cave network

Pula & Motovun Forest

Arrive in Pula on Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula and board your yacht. Once you’ve settled in, you’ll discover the remarkable history on your doorstep with a guided tour of Pula’s Roman amphitheater, Hercules’ Gate, and the Temple of Augustus.

In the morning, uncover the natural beauty of Motovun. Set high in the rolling hills and looking out over its eponymous forest and the Mirna River, this medieval village is a hub for Croatian gastronomy. Join a local truffle hunter and their dogs on a private search for the famed Istrian truffle before returning to the village for an aromatic truffle-themed feast.

Dive Brijuni & Griffon Vultures

Cruise into Brijuni Marine Park, an area of astounding natural beauty and the favoured playground of Tito, the leader of communist Yugoslavia. Visit the island where he entertained dignitaries and celebrities from Queen Elizabeth to Elizabeth Taylor. Explore the botanical gardens, safari park and site of ancient Roman settlements, also home to over 200 dinosaur footprints. Head out snorkelling or scuba diving with a Pelorus dive master to observe some of the park’s impressive underwater features, from tunnels and caves to ancient walls and shipwrecks.

There is also the possibility to explore an underwater archaeological site of a villa complex that dates back to Ancient Roman times.

As your yacht cruises for the island of Cres, keep your eyes peeled for bottlenose dolphins swimming along the bow. Once anchored, head ashore to observe the diverse bird life that dwells here, such as golden eagles, short-toed eagles, peregrines and kestrels.

Visit the Beli Visitor and Rescue Centre for Griffon Vultures where you can actively aid in the rehabilitation of young, inexperienced vulture chicks who fall out of their cliff-side nests into the sea beneath. Sometimes even adults can be found injured, exhausted or malnourished and are brought to Beli to recuperate. After receiving the required treatment at the Centre, you can help the experts release the birds back into the wild.

Caving, Kayaking, Croatian Cuisine

Venture back to the mainland and take some time to hike and explore Risnjak National Park with a Pelorus guide. Named after the lynx, this is one of the few places in Europe where these rare animals still dwell. You may also spot bears and wolves roaming freely in the 6,400 hectares of unspoiled green space.

Travel by helicopter into the Gacka River Valley where you’ll meet your local guide for a private kayak trip down the third longest sinking river in the world. Relax and unwind as you admire the picturesque landscape or choose to experience the rush of cascading water as you pass under a waterfall. You also have the option to explore the valley by mountain bike or to try your hand at fly fishing. Taught by world-class fly fisherman, you’ll have the opportunity to catch rainbow trout, grayling, carp or roach. Once back on board your yacht, allow the chef to expertly prepare your catch of the day.

Another day exploring by helicopter awaits you as you take off for Zadar. On arrival at the Cetina River Spring, you will meet your expert group of cavers and mountain rescue guides. Here you’ll discover one of the most beautiful caves in Croatia, Gospodska. Upon emerging from the caves, take to the skies again and fly to Bibich Winery, for an exquisite tasting menu with wine pairings. Each dish is visually stunning and meticulously matched with local wine. Indulge in these gourmet wonders and taste Croatia in all its abundance.

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