Tribes and Traditions in Papua New Guinea

Working with local anthropologists and conservationists, Pelorus can open up opportunities within Papua New Guinea that allow you to interact with native tribes, explore remote mountains, volcanoes or jungles, scuba dive wrecks or discover hidden beaches. All experiences and contact with these tribes are carefully considered to ensure minimal intrusion and impact to their traditions and day-to-day existence. With this in mind, there is no better platform to explore these isolated regions than on a luxury yacht.

When to go

May - October

Experience Highlights

  • Encounter numerous indigenous tribes and discover their traditions and way of life
  • Dive WWII wrecks and stunning reefs
  • See thermal phenomena, from volcanoes to the Garu Hot River
  • Assist with leatherback turtle conservation efforts & swim with dolphins

Blanche Bay & Baining Tribe

Arrive into Port Moresby and board a private charter plane. Your first flight will take you over beautiful harbours, coral reefs and volcanoes to reach your awaiting yacht.

Cruise to the crystal-clear waters of Blanche Bay alongside bottlenose dolphins as they return from feeding offshore. A pod of around 200 regularly play with the bow waves of boats coming and going. Drop the anchor to take a swim with these intelligent marine mammals. Spend the afternoon learning about The Battle of Rabaul whilst exploring the barge tunnels and Admiral Yamamoto’s WWII bunker. Here you’ll get the opportunity to climb the active volcano, Mount Tavurvur, and witness how it has stained the surrounding water different shades of yellow and orange.

Witness the mesmeric Baining Fire Dance, a ritual unique to the Baining people living in the mountain forests of East New Britain Province. Fully immerse yourself in their cultural customs as they dance over hot coals, dressed in traditional costumes and huge masks.

Pomio Region & Mudmen

Take to the skies in a helicopter to view the myriad of caves and waterfalls that surround the Pomio region. Alternatively, take your pick from the yacht’s water toys; drive a jet ski around the waterfalls or explore inside the caves on a paddle board. Experience exceptional reef diving in this biodiverse hotspot; home to 60% of the coral species that dwell in the Indo-Pacific. Dive deeper and explore the many submerged WWII wrecks with a local dive master.

Spend some time inside the Garu Wildlife Area inspecting spectacularly diverse birdlife, from tropical pigeons, parrots to hornbills in their natural habitat. Trek towards the nearby jungle and enjoy a relaxing bathing experience in the hidden Garu Hot River, an idyllic emerald green stream warmed by thermal volcanic springs to temperatures close to 40 degrees.

Fly via helicopter to the Asaro Valley to meet the Asaro Mudmen. Here you’ll learn about the history of black magic from real witchdoctors and enjoy a traditional Mumu feast. Observe the ceremonial ‘moka’ system, where each tribal group is constantly trying to outdo the other by hosting extravagant feasts and marvel in their use of self-decoration that plays an integral part in revealing the tribe’s relationship with other clans.

Karawara & Mummies

Learn how the local tribes fend for themselves and try your hand at spearfishing and foraging for your supper on an uninhabited island, guided by a member of the Karawara. Take part in the region’s leatherback turtle conservation efforts – this is a fantastic opportunity to hear the unique and powerful stories, songs, dances and rituals that connect people with the turtles.

Take a helicopter flight to the fringes of the highland region far-removed from modern life. Disembark here to climb through the jungle where you’ll discover remnants of the mummified and smoked bodies of the Aseki tribal ancestors. The Aseki mummies are found in the open, high above cliffs smeared with red clay and in various stages of decomposition, often overlooking the village where they once lived.

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