Surf & Explore Northern Norway

Scattered across the rough waters of the Norwegian Sea, far above the Arctic Circle, the Lofoten Islands are some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes on Earth with the deserved reputation of being the ultimate adventure playground. So remote and far-flung, that exploring by yacht is one of the best ways to access all this region has to offer including close encounters with the wealth of pelagic marine life found here.

When to go

May - September

Wildlife & Watersports

Fly into Leknes and board your yacht nearby before getting underway for Hamnoy and Reine, taking in the dramatic coastal scenery as you cruise. Voted one of the most beautiful places on earth, Reine is a breath-taking fishing village flanked by red and white fisherman’s huts. Spend the afternoon kayaking, sailing or paddleboarding in the Reinefjorden – the stretch of fjord between Hamnoy and Reine. Later, tender to Bunes, one of Norway’s best and most inaccessible beaches, for an alfresco dinner prepared by your yacht’s chef. After dinner, hike up nearby mountains under the light of the midnight sun where you will be rewarded with stunning views.

Anchor off the idyllic island of Vaeroy, a birdwatcher’s paradise that boasts pristine beaches, imposing mountain cliffs, and a quaint town. Head ashore with your guide and set off on foot to the breath-taking Nordlandsnupen peak for a spectacular hike with raw yet inspiring views. Keep your eyes on the water to spot breaching orcas and humpbacks as well as shy seals popping their heads above the surface. Witness puffins, sea eagles, auks, and kittiwakes nesting on the cliffsides, and learn about the island’s history of puffin hunting. Now an endangered species, puffins are protected but the island still has a population of traditional puffin hunting dogs, a breed that is unique to this region.

Head out on your yacht’s tender to Unstad with your Pelorus surf guide where you will get to experience some of the Arctic Circle’s best waves. Without worrying about the setting sun, head out at any point during the day and night, whenever the swell is at its best.

Cross the archipelago and enjoy a day of land based exploration. Discover pristine white beaches on horseback as you use sturdy Icelandic ponies to uncover the hidden secrets of the archipelago. Whether a beginner or a more experienced rider, these small ponies are the perfect complement to this stunning landscape. For something even more unique, play a round of gold on the beautiful and sprawling links under the ethereal glow of the midnight sun.

Glacier Exploration & Diving

You will have the opportunity to helicopter to experience glacier kayaking on Svartisen glacier. Have lunch on the ice, with stunning views in every direction before heading out ice climbing or hiking in the afternoon.

Stop in the town of Ballstad – a working fishing village with an array of colourful houses. Here, indulge in a guided fine dining and foraging experience that will allow you a deeper understanding of the region’s local flora and fauna. Head below the surface and dive among kelp to discover an array of species. You may even witness orca or curious seals in the deep fjords as you dive.

Continue North to Henningsvaer where you can hike up a mountain that rises directly out of the sea below. Take in breath-taking views over scattered islands and turquoise waters. Dine in a glass dome on a private island heated by a wood-burning stove and enjoy the unique beauty of uninterrupted views stretching in every direction. Keep your eyes peeled as it is not unusual to spot pods of orca passing through the waters surrounding the island.

Anchor at a remote island chain known as the Hawaii of Norway for its green-covered cliffs, white sand beaches, and pristine turquoise waters. Kayak along the coast and stop for a remote lunch prepared by your yacht chef. This is also the perfect spot to take an Arctic dip in the frigid waters before returning to your yacht to warm up.

Close Encounters

Visit Manshausen, a private island owned by a renowned polar explorer. Head out trekking with him and learn about his exploits in the Arctic. Later take a tender to explore the caves of Manshausen before trying your hand at spearfishing with the locals.

As your yacht drops anchor in Bardu, jump back into a helicopter to head into the wilds to a luxury mountain lodge. Here you’ll encounter habituated wolves, coming face-to-face with them for a truly unforgettable experience.

Your final day brings you to Naustholmen, a private island owned by explorer Randi Skaud – the first women to complete a solo trip around the South Pole. Trek with Randi through the island before spending the afternoon kayaking, fishing, or climbing in scenic surroundings.

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