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For those seeking to adventure where few have, Greenland is the ideal destination. On a Pelorus yacht expedition here, you will explore dramatic valleys, intricate fjord systems, and colourful, picturesque villages. This stunning land of Arctic pack ice, intense wildlife activity, and intriguing Inuits, is as close to 21st-century exploration as is possible.

When to go

May - September

Nuuk Fjords & Kite Surfing

Arriving in Kangerlussuaq, you’ll transfer by private helicopter to your yacht in Nuuk. Chopper ashore for an afternoon of skiing led by one of the country’s best ski-guides.

This sets the tone as you cruise further into the Nuuk fjord system, stopping for heli-ski or heli-boarding forays into the pristine snowbound landscape. Opportunities abound to carve tracks from summits all the way to the sea’s edge, and in complete isolation.

In the afternoon, try kite-skiing in Kapisillit. If you’d rather do something more contemplative, hike the fjord system’s highest mountain alongside a naturalist, with an eye out for arctic foxes and hares among the craters and lake shore.

Snowshoe Hike & Musk Ok

As your yacht reaches the Eternity Fjord of Manitsoq—arguably the country’s most beautiful fjord—you’ll head to the shore by tender for a snowshoe hike. With your naturalist, you’ll discover the secrets of the wildlife and stunning terrain while you hike the fjords.

Choose a route skirting glaciers, or swap to a kayak for a new perspective. There will also be the chance to explore the sheer cliffs—a breeding ground for fast-flying fulmars. With a guide, watch them from the tender fishing, nesting, and slicing through the air at up to 30mph.

With a satisfying morning ski in Itivdleq under your belt, you’ll soar up in the helicopter for possible first descents down usually inaccessible peaks. You’ll replace the calories with a secluded picnic high in the mountains.

Into 4×4’s next for a musk ox safari. With your Pelorus host and naturalist as guides, you’ll traverse the rugged terrain until you’re up close to these hairy juggernauts, often with caribou nearby. May is a particularly good month for the safari, with mother musk oxen nurturing their calves.

Dogsledding & Disko Bay

After an early rise in Sismiut, you’ll enter the yapping cacophony of the dog kennels to begin your Inuit dogsledding experience. Learning the command signals, you’ll take control of a sled and be whisked over the glacier by your enthusiastic tongue-lolling team.

With your Greenlandic musher’s licence secured, you’ll sled into the wilderness to meet a snowmobile contingent. Here, you’ll spend an action-packed afternoon racing snowmobiles over the snow and ice.

In the evening, you’ll be transferred by helicopter to remote Kangerlussaq and your luxury remote camp. Situated at the base of a glacier deep into the Greenland Ice Sheet, the expedition-style tents are cozy with carpets, feather pillow, and heaters. Your locally-inspired meals will be crafted by an award-winning chef stationed at the camp.

In the evening, you’ll relax in the seclusion sharing stories from the trip until the tranquillity of the situation descends. Alternatively choose to listen to a local Inuit band with games provided. Expect incredible northern lights viewing at this place far from civilization.

The next day, you’ll kayak the famous iceberg-filled waters of Disko Bay. With a naturalist accompanying you, you’ll swim with orcas and narwhals as you gain a fascinating insight into the marine world of the Arctic.

At Saqqaq, you’ll board a fishing vessel for a deep-sea fishing expedition on the hunt for cod and cold-water catfish. You’ll discover the role fishing has played in the local culture for generations, and have your catch prepared by the ship’s chef for a memorable meal.

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