An Indian Ocean Honeymoon to Mozambique

Comprised of pristine beaches, teeming coral reefs, and lush mangrove forests, the Bazaruto Archipelago boasts a diverse and beautiful marine landscape. Escape to this island paradise with your other half and spend your days, horse riding along the sand, meeting gentle giants of the sea, and kayaking through tranquil, azure waters.

When to go

April - December


Arrive at Vilanculos Airport where you will be met by your captain who will escort you to your yacht. Get acquainted with your crew and settle in. Anchor up and sail to Magaruque Island where you will spend your first night. This glorious island is a true secluded, tropical paradise. Here you and your partner can jump into the sea, snorkel, swim, or kayak, in complete privacy. This is the perfect, laid back start to your adventure in Mozambique. Return to your vessel for a romantic sundowner and a delicious supper on deck.

Magaruque Island

Spend your morning diving or snorkelling the reefs of Magaruque. The extensive tidal flats on the island create a stunning patchwork of blue and the water boasts around 2,000 species of fish including marlin and sailfish.

After a morning exploring, cruise over to stunning Benguerra Island. Here you will meet some marine scientists at the Bazaruto Centre for Scientific Studies. This Centre is home to the first long-term African Ocean Observatory which is used to monitor how climate change is affecting local ecosystems. Make a difference and take part in one of their novel programmes implemented to mitigate the effects of climate change such as their programme to prevent coral bleaching. Or get the exclusive opportunity to help tag tiger sharks and bull sharks. Your tags will then be used to track these animals in their migrations and will provide vital information that will be used in the fight to protect and conserve these creatures and their ocean habitat.

After a romantic lunch onboard strap on some flippers and a tank and head below the surface to discover the numerous marine species in the waters of Benguerra Island. Discover pristine coral reefs that are home to devil rays, leatherback turtles and even humpback dolphins. Your journey below the surface can be undertaken in the company of an expert marine photographer who will ensure you can remember every stunning moment. Or you could try your hand at marine photography with an underwater photography masterclass on board. Use state-of-the-art photography equipment and learn how to best capture the majesty of Bazaruto’s teeming coral reefs. Return from your dive and have dinner and drinks as the sun sinks below the horizon.

Benguerra Island

Explore the depths of the underwater world around Benguerra island in more detail. Around an immaculate Two-Mile Reef dive site discover white and blacktip reef sharks as well as giant sleeping sharks that live in these turquoise waters. This two-mile reef is undoubtedly one of the best dive sites in the entire world.

At the southern end of Two-Mile Reef, discover a spectacular coral garden. This reef is great for both beginner divers and more experienced divers who are looking for wide-angle reef scenes. Mozambique’s ancient coastline runs parallel South to North with the Archipelago and there are over 25 miles of non-continuous reef at the southern end of which lies Two-Mile Reef.

If you don’t want to head below the water, simply snorkelling here is an experience like no other with unrivalled clarity allowing you to see into the depths even if you remain on the surface of the water. After lunch head out on the water in kayaks or paddleboards and enjoy the simplicity of silently gliding over the biodiverse waters. Board a helicopter or microlight for a romantic flight over this magnificent archipelago. There is no better way to view these magnificent islands than from the air and from here you can spot dugong in the water and follow their feeding paths as well as watching dolphins and whales breach the ocean’s surface.

Land on a deserted sandbank where you will find a stunning castaway dinner set up waiting for you. Sit at a table covered with a pristine white cloth with only your partner for company. Spend the whole night on the sandbank under a gently swaying canopy in blissful seclusion.

Bazaruto Island

At Bazaruto Island, you will get the opportunity to indulge in some high-octane, on-land adventure. Go sandboarding on the massive dunes on Bazaruto Island and get your heart pumping. Keep an eye out for some of the 170 different bird species that inhabit this national park as you discover the flora and fauna of the island. Having worked up an appetite enjoy a wild barbecue on the beach prepared by your yacht crew. In the afternoon take to the water once again using your yacht’s paddleboards and kayaks to enjoy the utter tranquillity of paddling over the teeming waters.

Eat dinner as you cruise to the north end of the island. In the morning, cast a line into the ocean and catch some of the famous game fish that reside in this reserve. These include marlin, sailfish, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, and barracuda. Return to the mainland for a barbecue on the beach before seeing the island on horseback. Ride across the shoreline and explore further inland giving you the chance to get close encounters with some of the island’s exotic wildlife. Riding together across the island’s pristine beaches and wild expanses combines effortless romance and exciting wildlife opportunities. Enjoy dinner back on deck as the sun sets the turquoise water ablaze with orange hues.

Head west into the archipelago with marine scientists who study the elusive dugong. Dive in the warm water keeping your eye out for these shy creatures in the extensive underwater seagrass meadows. These unique gardens that grow below the surface provide an important habitat for an abundance of marine life, but especially for the dugong. These seagrass meadows are truly a sight to behold and unlike anything else in the world, discovering these vast underwater meadows is an experience you are unlikely to forget. Learn all about these animals from passionate and knowledgeable scientists who are working to uncover their secrets. After lunch on deck take a tender out and go whale watching. You may also be able to climb into the water with these gentle giants and swim alongside them in a honeymoon experience you are sure to never forget.

Santa Carolina

Head to Santa Carolina, or Paradise Island as it is affectionately known by locals. This little slice of paradise was a well-known retreat in the sixties for the rich and famous. However, the island has since been abandoned and you can walk through the eerily quiet halls of the old resort hotel that still stands on the island. Witness the power of nature as it slowly begins to reclaim this abandoned island and enjoy looking out over the pristine waters from the ruined rooms of the hotel.

While the island itself holds a historic and eerie appeal, the waters surrounding Santa Carolina are home to some spectacular reefs. Swim or snorkel these huge reefs that boast an abundance of diverse marine life. Paddleboard or kayak around these calm waters taking in the spectacular clarity and teeming coral reefs. Head out on a tender into the water and find whale sharks and humpback whales that breach the surface in a majestic display.

Enjoy a wild beach barbecue for your last night. Listen to the music of a traditional local band and sip cocktails barefoot on the sand as the sun dips below the horizon. When the sun sets release sky lanterns and watch them float into the darkening sky.

After a morning of kayaking and paddle boarding the shallow reefs around Benguerra or Santa Carolina Island, make your way back to Vilanculos where you will begin your journey home.

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