Pristine Atolls in the Seychelles

The Seychelles Archipelago’s 115 pristine islands offer an exciting and stimulating charter experience. This exquisite paradise boasts sun-soaked sand, turquoise waters, and lush, tree-covered hills. Dive below the surface with Pelorus and discover coral reefs that teem with marine life or kayak through the dense mangroves spotting incredibly rare birds and reptiles. For unforgettable adventure and indulgent relaxation, there is nowhere better than the stunning Seychelles.

When to go

October - March

Eden Island

Fly into Mahé Island where you will be met by your Pelorus guide and yacht captain who will escort you to your waiting vessel. Get acquainted with your vessel and its crew who will take care of you for the duration of your experience. Cruise towards Beau Vallon, the epicenter of Mahé Island. Here you will drop anchor and enjoy a dip in the stunning turquoise waters. Pop into a Kannel restaurant for a delicious, fresh-fish dinner bursting with tropical flavour. Explore the stunning Seychelles National Botanical Gardens. These gardens contain some of the most stunning and unique flora that grow here and learn more about their purpose in the Seychelles ecosystem from an expert local guide. For something truly exceptional you will get the chance to see and interact with Aldabra giant tortoises. These gentle giants will happily eat from your hand and seeing these prehistoric beasts is a truly phenomenal experience. In the evening return to your vessel and move on to Port Glaud. Here you can enjoy the spectacular Seychelle’s sunsets as you enjoy dinner on deck.

After a delicious breakfast on board. Hop into the water for a snorkel or swim in the clear water. The waters around the Seychelles boast some of the most stunning and diverse wildlife in the world. With unique underwater landscapes made up of huge boulders, under the water in the Seychelles you are sure to see wildlife, unlike anything you have ever seen before. A large number of species live on the dense algae and numerous corallivores that inhabit this underwater world. Return to your vessel where you will begin your cruise to African Banks.

This cruise will take most of the day and you will arrive to the stunning African Banks after sunset. While you cruise take the chance to chill out on the boat watching the stunning scenery float lazily by. Or if you would like to utilise this time for learning. A marine biologist will be part of your crew for this astounding experience and you can use this time to hear their stories of conservation and learn about the diverse marine species of the Seychelles. Or take the opportunity to learn from your experienced captain and crew about what it takes to maneouver in the water and even have a go at celestial navigation.

African Banks

Wake up to your first view of African Banks. The African Banks consist of two islets that lie roughly 2km apart. Once known for its seabird eggs, these uninhabited islands are surrounded by fish rich waters and are considered an Important Bird Area. Pelorus will grant you special permissions and exclusive access to these stunning underwater worlds. Set your own itinerary on these islands. Cast a line into these teeming waters and pull in mackerel and tuna. Bring your catch back to your vessel where your chef will lead you in a sushi masterclass using whatever you have brought in. Enjoy eating the fresh fruits of your labours on deck looking out over the turquoise waters. Snorkel above the reefs and wrecks that surround these islands and enjoy absolute peace as seeing another soul is unlikely. In the evening enjoy a wild barbecue on a deserted beach on Remire Island. Eat under a billowing canopy as you watch the sun descend setting the water ablaze.

D'Arros and St Joseph Islands

After breakfast on board, make your way to the Save Our Seas Research Centre. Here you can learn about the marine wildlife of the Seychelles from local experts. Discover the patterns and complex lifestyles of animals such as the lemon shark, the manta ray and turtles that call the Seychelles home. Take part in research and rehabilitation projects undertaken by this phenomenal institution. Help replant depleted mangrove forests, track endangered marine species or help the reforestation of the island.

In the afternoon, paddle through dense mangrove forests. These lush ocean-water jungles are vital for local ecosystems and the larger world as they remove so much CO2 from the atmosphere. These forests are teeming with marine species of every variety. Used as nursing grounds for turtles, fish, and sharks even a small section of these sprawling trees can house more species than swathes of ocean. Kayaking, paddleboarding or snorkelling through these mangroves allows you to get a closer look at young marine species such as triggerfish, fusiliers, and rockfish, as well as a number of sharks. Gain a deeper understanding of the importance of preserving and restoring these vitally important jungles. Return to your vessel and enjoy dinner a well-earned sundowner on deck before settling down for a delicious dinner.

Spend the day getting to know the waters of these islands even better. Snorkel or dive in the waters that you are now intimately acquainted with thanks to the time you have spent with local researchers and marine biologists. Encounter some of the rare and endangered species that you have studied in their natural habitat. Some of the many species you will see include bumphead parrotfish – the largest species of parrotfish in the world, Convick surgeons and huge humphead wrasses. Enjoy the raw and unrivalled beauty of these islands as you take to the seas before being castaway on a deserted beach where you can enjoy a wild picnic on the sand and spend the night in complete seclusion watching the unrivalled beauty of the star-filled sky above you. If you are here at the right time of year you may even get the chance to see turtles laying their eggs, or even more amazingly, see those eggs hatch and the young turtles making their steady way towards the ocean.

Poivre and Desroches Islands

Wake up in glorious isolation at your castaway camp on the pristine beach. Leave your stunning raised bed swathed in billowing mosquito nets and be picked up by your crew before enjoying a sumptuous breakfast on board. Enjoy a morning of pure relaxation as you cruise towards the Poivre and Desroches Islands. Once there, explore the stunning reef flats and coral reefs of these deserted islands. Home to turtles, reef and lemon sharks, coral reef fish, fairy and sooty terns there is no shortage of interesting and unique species to encounter during your time in the water. Discover the water by simply snorkelling on the surface, diving to the depths, or on paddle boards or kayaks. Silently paddling through the crystal-clear water is a peaceful and relaxed way to experience the ocean wildlife at closer quarters. Diving under the water, will allow you to uncover a hidden world thrumming with diverse wildlife.


For those looking for a longer charter in the Seychelles, you can spend a day cruising down to Aldabra. This is a long cruise, but you can spend your time with researchers who have dedicated their lives to studying and preserving this untouched atoll and learn from them about the rich biota of this oceanic island. Learn about the variety of habitats from coral reefs and seagrass beds to expansive mangrove mudflats. Aldabra, possibly the most famous atoll of the Seychelles and it is one of the world’s largest coral atolls. It was made into a World Heritage site in 1982. The island has been minimally impacted by human activity and it has become a home for more than 400 endemic species and subspecies including having the largest number of giant tortoises in the world. This island is truly extraordinary and visiting it is a once-in-a-lifetime-experience. The only people that live on the island are a few expert researchers who carry out conservation work.

Set foot on islands few people have even stepped foot on before. Spend days discovering bird species including flamingos, frigate birds, herons, Aldabra white-throated crakes (that are interestingly flightless), Aldabra drongos, and more. Find the elusive flying fox, the only mammal native to the archipelago, and look among the shrubs and bushes to find the Aldabra snail, a species that was thought to have gone extinct until 2014.

Dive through the channels of the atoll’s lagoon which will allow you to discover manta rays, blacktip sharks, dolphins, and even docile manatees that live in the rich waters around the atoll. Kayak through the stretching mangroves discovering species that hide in the shade of these life-giving plants. For a nature enthusiast, there is no better place in the world to spend time. Having a higher population of giant tortoises than even the Galapagos and one of only two known breeding sites of greater flamingos in the world are only a fraction of what this stunning raised coral atoll boasts. Spend your final days in the Galapagos immersed in wild nature and enjoying fine dining back onboard. Spend days tracking wild tortoises and evenings sipping sundowners on deck. After your time in Aldabra is over, hop in a helicopter and make your way back to Mahe where you will begin your journey home.

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