Diving and Conservation in the Maldives

Stretching 800km from north to south, the Maldives are made up of nearly 1,200 islands clustered within 26 atolls. These usually occur in a circular formation with sand banks, lagoons, marshland, vegetation and effervescent coral appearing intermittently above lapping Indian Ocean waves. Spend your charter diving over coral with whale sharks, island hopping and exploring ruined temples; absorb the essence of Southern Asia then flick off your shoes, lay back, relax on the pristine sandbanks of the Maldives.

When to go

November - April

Paradise Island

Fly into Paradise Island, an aptly named Eden in the heart of the Maldives complete with pristine white beaches and turquoise lagoons. Here you will be met and escorted to your vessel where you will be introduced to your crew and get settled in. Spend the afternoon exploring the water directly off your charter, making use of the cache of toys on board for some high-octane adventure. Head out on jet skis, waterskis, or for something a little more relaxed simply glide silently through the clear water on a paddleboard. Finish off your day with an award-winning, isolated sandbank dinner as the sun sets over the islands of the Maldives.


Explore the protected marine area of Dhigu, an underwater landscape complete with clear waters, exotic marine wildlife, and colourful coral. Head into the ocean and surf some of the best breaks in the Maldives and get the opportunity to cut through perfect barrel waves. Surf all the way back to shore where your crew will have a gourmet picnic waiting for you on the beach. Head below the surface and discover Nelivar, an underwater mountain that starts at 14 metres deep and slopes down the ocean floor. Nelivar boasts hidden overhangs and caverns that shelter a wealth of marine wildlife including jackfish and stingrays.

Dhaalu Atoll

Wake up in the stunning Dhaalu Atoll and explore the islands of Rinbudhoo and Hulhudheli, or the Jewellers Islands. These islands have gained this nickname because of the longstanding reputation of the island inhabitants who have perfect the art of jewellery crafting. Learn the island legends about how their ancestors learned their delicate craft from a royal jeweller banished there by a sultan centuries ago. Try your hand at jewellery making and learn about how the local craftsmen use traditional tools to work silver and gold.

Head to the extraordinary, award-winning Subsix restaurant a unique establishment that lies 20 feet below the surface of the sea that serves delicious, fresh seafood with views of the underwater world stretching in all directions. Scuba dive in the clear waters of the Dhaalu Atoll where you will encounter sharks, turtles, dolphins, and eagle rays. You may even come within touching distance of a manta ray in this extraordinary marine eco-system.

Ari Atoll

Explore the island of Fenfushi, an island whose inhabitants were skilful coral sculptors. This now deserted island is now uninhabited, but the island is still littered with remnants of its traditional carving history. Explore this deserted island finding carved tombstones and mosques that are a testament to the extraordinary skill and talent of island residents.

Dive into the waters of the Ari Atoll that are known for their high clarity and their high concentration of pelagic species. These waters are a true divers paradise and there is no shortage of marine wildlife that make their way to the atoll to make use of the many cleaning stations. Visit Panettone, an exclusive dive site of underwater rocks that are covered in yellow and orange soft corals and sea fans creating an extraordinary underwater tapestry.

Visit the village of Dhangethi and see the enormous banyan trees that grow here. Meet with locals who will show you how they have put these extraordinary trees and their aerial roots to use in building and crafting. For a deeper and more authentic encounter, share a meal with these local craftsmen.

In the afternoon head below the surface in the Kuda Rah Thila Marine Reserve. Dive through a coral-covered archway, an entrance to this stunning dive site. Here you can expect to see coral and fish of every colour and size. Explore Manta Point, a cleaning station that attracts a huge number of whale sharks and manta rays.


Discover the Hanifaru Bay Marine Reserve Area, a stunning stretch of ocean with a high concentration of manta rays. Join the Manta Trust who aim to protect and preserve these endangered species and help them with their crucial conservation work. Explore Anga Faru a fascinating dive site that boasts a rock pinnacle thought to be a shark nursery for Grey Reef Sharks. Here you will encounter hundreds of baby Grey Reef Sharks and turtles.

For something a little different, head to an underwater shipyard. Explore wrecks that lie eerily at the bottom of the ocean overtaken by nature and covered in soft and hard corals. This silent ship graveyard is the perfect place to be awed by the striking power of nature.

Baa Atoll

Discover the world’s seventh-largest coral reef in the Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserve. This unique dive site houses 250 types of coral and 1,700 species of fish as well as housing a number of rare and endangered species including green turtles and the tawny nurse shark. Discover a deserted island and kayak through the shallow waters and mangroves that surround the islands in the Baa Atoll. Here you will encounter a number of acquatic and land-based species including lizards, geckos, and fruit bats.

North Malé Atoll

Explore the Kaafu Atoll, a location blessed with perfect breaks, crystal-clear waters, and pristine beaches. Here you can spend hours with an expert instructor who can help you improve your surfing and catch the perfect wave. For an even more exclusive experience, Pelorus can provide a professional surf and marine photographer to make sure you don’t miss a moment of the experience and it can be immortalised on film. After a fortifying picnic on the beach, head below the surface and dive through the Olhahali Cave, a 40-metre underwater cave system that is as fascinating as it is unique. You will find an extraordinary array of wildlife hidden in the depths of this winding cave with coral clinging to every surface of the cave’s interior.


Join an exclusive conservation project in Fushifaru that will allow you to help plant fragmented coral frames including one shaped like a majestic manta ray. Discover some of the best deep-sea fishing in the Maldives with an expert local guide who will show you all the best and most exclusive fishing spots to cast your line in complete seclusion. Take a trip to Naifaru, a nearby island where you can immerse yourself in local Maldivian culture and listen to the tales and myths of the local people. You may even get the chance to watch an authentic performance of some local folklore. After a memorable final evening, bid farewell to your crew and head back to the mainland for your flight back home.

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