Greek Island Charm and Underwater Discovery

With an alluring balance between indulgence, culture and authenticity, this itinerary will exceed expectations as you explore the hidden treasures of the Cyclades and Dodecanese, both below and above the waterline.

When to go

May - September

Unveil the ultimate European escape as you explore underwater ruins, climb rocky landscapes, wander through olive groves and pay homage to the colourful Greek history. Tender to waterside tavernas for tantalising Greek delicacies such as olives, feta and stuffed vine leaves. Or simply revel in the idyllic vistas from the comforts of your luxury yacht.

The Greek Island charm has lured many, however, the underwater world holds unknown treasures. Charter a support vessel with a submarine and pilot alongside your yacht, or if experienced, you can dive into these fascinating sunken wrecks and natural spectacles with your Pelorus Yachting dive guide.


Begin your adventure in Athens, where you will be greeted and escorted to your luxury yacht. Take the chance to explore the labyrinthine streets and designer boutiques of this classical city which buzzes with eclectic energy. At dawn, your Pelorus guide will accompany you to the iconic Acropolis. Spend your day at the Temple of Athena, discovering the hidden secrets of Greek history throughout the ages. Soak up the city's vibrant energy whilst sitting beneath the canopies of bitter orange trees at one of Athens’ best fish restaurants. Return to your yacht and prepare to leave the mainland behind as you discover enchanting Greek islands, where ancient Greece collides with oriental elegance in a powerful mosaic of different cultures.

The Cyclades Islands


Wake up in Kea and enjoy breakfast on the aft deck with an uninterrupted view over the ‘Island of the Water Nymphs’, known for its verdant greenery. Kea is a fantastic area to dive below the surface of the water and explore an underwater world of shipwrecks, from Titanic’s twin sister to German Junkers WW2 aircraft. If you prefer spotting iridescent kaleidoscopes of fish to the silent world of wrecks, discover Koundouros Reef, which offers one of the most impressive diving experiences in Greece. Head below the surface in a submarine or simply scuba diving as you uncover the hidden secrets this reef has to offer. For something a little more leisurely, snorkel through the crystal clear waters before enjoying sundowners on a serene cruise towards Paros, also known as the ‘Island of Marble’.


Hop into a tender and make your way to the shore and with your local Pelorus guide. Ride horses across the stunning island to a secluded beach for a morning dip in the ocean with your horses. Revel in the vibrant array of flora and fauna before settling down for a picnic in the Valley of Butterflies, where you will be surrounded by a variety of colourful butterfly species. For something a little more adventurous, swing at anchor in the uninhabited bay of the Drionissi islets, where you can scuba dive the Drionissi canyon, learn to spearfish, or cruise between crevasses spotting the remains of amphorae, turtles and barracuda. If you choose to spearfish, bring your catch back to shore where your chef will cook the fresh fish to perfection over an open fire on the beach. 


Cruise throughout the morning towards ‘The Island of the Deep Blue’. A picturesque and secluded island, Amorgos has been overlooked by tourists and remains an authentic treasure of the Cyclades. Wander through Chora, the epitome of a traditional Greek village made up of whitewashed streets festooned with bougainvillea. Amorgos’ surrounding waters, colourful reefs and caves offer glorious dive sites that house stingrays, tuna and Mediterranean monk seals to name but a few. On the east side of the island, you will find a unique dive site that bears witness to the once-bustling mines that sustained the area. This dive is a chance to do something a little different, an opportunity for the inquisitive diver to discover a site like no other. Return to your yacht in the evening and watch the sun set over the island as unwind with cocktails on deck. 


Wake up in the Fournoi Archipelago, a haven of pristine beaches, fringed with mulberry trees and old windmills. Begin your adventure here by snorkelling or diving into the sunken remains of an ancient settlement just off Fournoi. Enjoy a freshly prepared lunch whilst cruising towards Samos, widely known as ‘The Island of Hera’ it is historically home to goddesses and the mathematician, Pythagoras. For some high-octane adventure, challenge yourself on the natural climbing field of Mt Karvouni. Reach the top of the mountain and be rewarded with breathtaking views over the island and out to sea. Dive into some fascinating spots such as the Kervelli Wine Cellar, a unique site where local village wine is left to mature at a constant temperature. Or explore the eerie sunken Lighthouse that has been taken over by nature, becoming an artificial reef for thriving aquatic life. 



Discover Arkoi, a tiny archipelago that is one of the best-kept secrets of the Dodecanese. Spend your day swimming, snorkelling or diving in the azure waters and relaxing and enjoying lunch on the pristine beach. This beach is the perfect location to try your hand at wind-surfing if you are in the mood for something to get your heart pumping. Come sunset, weave your way south through the Dodecanese islands to Leros. These calming waters host a magical underwater world known to few; wrecks form a fascinating museum, showcasing a new and uncharted history below the surface. Discover, also, valuable ecosystems and rare underwater vegetation that sustain the biodiverse marine life that inhabits this area.


Head across the waters to Kalymnos, a wild and rocky landscape home to natural climbing fields with breathtaking views across the azure waters below. Allow a local guide to show you the best climbing routes up rugged mountains before enjoying lunch at the top taking in far-reaching views as you enjoy authentic Greek cuisine. Dive through a labyrinth of tunnels and explore Poseidon’s cave, a dive sight bright with corals. Uncover the secrets of the pirate cave rumoured to be home to sunken treasures and swim through the ruins of the sunken city of Potha. Indulge in pure relaxation as you wander the magnificent olive groves of Pserimos island sampling local delicacies and enjoying a glass or two of the local vintages. Get the chance to catch your supper as you embark on a spearfishing adventure through the island’s secluded coves. 


Wake up to views across the quaint island of Symi, home to pebbled mosaics and expert shipbuilders. Explore the neighbouring neoclassical islands before embarking on the final stretch to Rhodes. Pelorus will gain you exclusive access to step behind the scenes of the 14th-century Palace of the Grand Master, built on the very foundations of the Temple of Helios. Come sunset, tender ashore for an evening of delicious food in an extraordinary setting. Your final day will take you inland for a picnic amongst a forest of oriental sweet gum trees, a resting point for migrating Jersey Tiger butterflies. Unwind on a secluded section of Afandou beach listening to the waves breaking on the shore or take the chance to race jetskis for a bit of competitive fun. Return to the mainland and prepare to fly home with unforgettable memories of your exclusive Greek Island adventure. 

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