Sun-Soaked Honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast

Your dream honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast awaits. Explore hidden secrets of old towns, the origins of thousand-year-old traditions, and the roots of the unique Sicilian Spirit. Uncover evocative lunar landscapes, wonderful national parks, and charming towns and villages on this remarkable honeymoon adventure in Italy.

When to go

March - May

September - October


Land in Naples and you will be met by your captain who will escort you to your vessel. Naples is a vibrant and chaotic city filled with an array of historic and artistic treasures. Spend a day exploring narrow, winding streets popping into boutique shops and secluded and romantic cafes as you take in the atmosphere and vibrant buzz of this enchanting city. In the evening, enjoy a private dinner including world-famous pizza, before strolling through the narrow streets back to your yacht. Back onboard you will set off on a short overnight cruise around the headland into quieter waters.


A trip in Campania on your honeymoon would be incomplete without visiting the famous town that was buried under a vast layer of burning stone and ash when Vesuvius erupted in AD79. Thanks to this layer of ash, the city has remained incredibly well preserved. Explore the city with an expert personal archaeologist, entering houses and amphitheatres. Enjoy a picnic lunch in the city whilst you learn about the city’s fascinating history. Discover not only the Roman history but also the tale of how the town has been excavated since the 19th and 20th centuries.

After lunch head over to Herculaneum. Less famous than its neighbour Pompeii, this town is equally fascinating. Covered in a layer of mud and pyroclastic material after Vesuvius’ eruption, Herculaneum is even better preserved than Pompeii. The city’s buildings are well preserved, but even more delicate items such as clothing and furniture have been well preserved. Hop on a Vespa with your partner and drive along one of the most spectacular roads in Italy. Speed along the peninsula taking in glorious views that stretch in all directions. As the sun begins to set, you will truly feel as though you are living in a romantic scene from Roman Holiday.


Head into the hills above Ravello and Amalfi to a local Lemon factory and orchard. Tour the gardens and grounds as you learn about the complexities of growing and harvesting as you try your hand at picking ripe lemons from the tree. Eat delicious lemon cake accompanied by a cooling glass of lemonade as you and your other half rest in the shade of the surrounding trees. Head inside the factory and learn about the production of Limoncello as you embark on a private, guided tasting.

After a romantic and leisurely lunch, take a walking tour of the hidden treasure of Ravello exploring the winding streets and of course, the Villa Cimbrone Gardens. Dating back to the 11th century and renovated in the early 20th century, this villa and its gardens are one of the most beautiful and romantic sights on the Amalfi coast. In the company of your guide discover the sculptures and creations scattered throughout the garden including the magnificent crypt modelled after the monk’s cellarium at Fountains Abbey in England. This is the perfect place to escape the midday sun, with its stunning, massive columns, shady interior, and expansive views. Return to your yacht in the evening for dinner on deck looking out over the quiet beauty of the Italian coast.


You will be collected from the port and drive through the winding streets to the countryside. Arrive at a local Mozzarella Farm where you will tour the facility and learn about the production of one of Italy’s most famous cheeses. Here you can enjoy a tasting of the freshest, organic, and most delicious mozzarella you will ever eat.

You will then be transferred to the Archaeological Area of Paestum where you will meet a world-renowned archaeologist who will guide you through the three Greek temples acknowledged to be the best Doric Temples in the world. Only a fraction of the UNESCO World Heritage Site has been excavated, just around the city centre with the temple and public buildings. After a private lunch at a local restaurant, you will embark on a pursuit of knowledge with a guided visit to the National Archaeological Museum. Here you will see most of the findings from the excavation of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Return to your yacht and begin your overnight cruise toward the Eolian Archipelago. 


If you are in the market for a real adventure-moon Pelorus can offer you an exclusive underwater opportunity. You and your other half can take the chance to climb into a submersible in which you will dive deep below the surface. Find the elusive bluntnose sixgill shark, an unstudied shark species that swim close to the ocean floor. In this unique location, these sharks do not swim on the bottom of the ocean but instead swim above the ridges of underwater volcanoes. Explore these sunken volcanoes in complete comfort and clarity from the seat of a state-of-the-art submersible. Return to your vessel with unforgettable memories of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


The Eolian Islands are the best-known archipelago in Italy. They are located about 20km from the Sicilian coastline, well connected with the small town of Milazzo. The whole archipelago is composed of seven major volcanic islands and is the place that inspired much of Greek mythology. Spend the day exploring the archipelago from the yacht, mountain biking down narrow roads, and leaping into the crystal-clear waters. 

Pull into Lipari harbour as dusk falls and venture ashore to experience the lively nightlife that winds through the city streets. Dance barefoot in beach bars that spill onto the sand and enjoy a midnight snack in one of the restaurants that fill the narrow alleyways of cities. Enjoy all this under the light of the lanterns strung up above you before you wind your way back to your vessel in the evening.


Taormina and Castelmola are regarded as two of the most beautiful villages in north-east Sicily. Following a brisk morning sail, you will be collected and taken to the hills of Sicily. Explore the ancient hamlet of Taormina that stands upon its natural terrace on Mount Tauro, its breathtaking panoramic position will offer you staggering views over the stunning, surrounding landscapes. Find a remote and beautiful picnic lunch set up and wait high in the hills for you and your other half as you look out over the stunning vista.

Above Taormina sits the medieval village of Castelmola with views over Mount Etna, the Bay of Giardini-Naxos, the Cape of St Alessio, Messina Straits, and the Calabrian Coast. Your guide will escort you around the ruined castle, and into the bar where you and your partner can sample the famous “Elixir of Love”. In the afternoon return to your yacht and enjoy life on board as you swim, snorkel or play with the many water toys available on your vessel.


Discover the 2,750 years of history held in this unique city. Starting from the Archaeological Park of Syracuse, the old district of Neapolis, you will uncover the stunning Greek and Roman monuments of the city, such as the Greek theatre, the anatomies (ancient quarries), the Altar of Iero II, and the Roman amphitheatre.

Have lunch in the town before heading south towards the stunning horseshoe beach of Arenella. The beach stretches along 300m and is surrounded by a dramatic coastline, perfect for exploring in kayaks, on paddleboards, or simply with the aid of a snorkelling mask.


Vendicari is a mixture of lagoons, dunes, rock coastlines, and sandy beaches. These beautiful beaches are amongst the least frequented in Sicily so is the perfect spot to relax during your honeymoon. Your day will consist of a pleasant hiking experience in the Vendicari Nature Reserve where you will admire the stunning scenery. With only the sound of the waves, birds, and wind for company you will delve deeper, learning about the Sicilian tradition of tuna fishing.

You’ll be guided to a local winery where you can enjoy a peaceful and romantic stroll among the vineyards. Afterwards, your taste buds will be tantalised as you enjoy some of the most important and delicious wines in the area paired with some local delicacies. Head north from here to Catania where you will make your way home.

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