Rugged Adventure in Pacific Central America

Central America boasts some of the most diverse and rich landscapes in the world. This journey along the Pacific coasts of Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala will see you exploring dry forests, otherworldly volcanoes, and dense tropical cloud forests. Taste authentic delicacies, take part in cultural ceremonies and learn about the storied history of these Central American countries.

When to go

January - May


Begin your journey in southern Nicaragua. Land in Managua where your captain and expert guide will meet you and escort you to your waiting yacht on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. After your first night onboard, hop in a helicopter to Ometepe Island. This stunning Island lies in the centre of Lake Nicaragua and is comprised of two volcanoes that rise out of the lake.

Explore Charco Verde Reserve, a wooded ecological reserve rich with wildlife and surrounded by black-sand beaches. Hike along the winding trails that twist through the reserve and spot families of howler monkeys swinging through the trees, Enjoy a wild lunch designed and set up by your yacht crew on a secluded beach before heading to Ojo de Agua (Eye of Water), a natural spring in the middle of the island where you can dive in for a cooling swim. Refreshed, make your way to Magdalena Farm where you will be shown 2,000-year-old Petroglyphs carved deep into the stone, and evidence of the ancient civilisation that once existed on Ometepe Island.

Masaya Volcano

Arise early and leave your vessel to arrive at Masaya Volcano before the sun rises. Watch lava glow in the crater lake in the dawn darkness. Explore the depths of the park, discovering lava tubes and caves imbued with native Nicaraguan history and culture. Head into the lowlands and browse the famous Masaya artisans’ market where you can find craftwork of all kinds from high-quality, handmade shoes to valuable ceramics. Meet with local artisans who will welcome you and demonstrate how they create their stunning handworks such as colourful hammocks.

Explore Nicaraguan White Villages atop the Catarina hills to appreciate the incredible panoramic view of Apoyo Lake and Mombacho Volcano. End your day in Granada, a charming colonial city perched on the shores of Lake Nicaragua. Learn about this city’s storied history that involves French pirates and British colonists. Wander down cobblestone streets and return to your waiting vessel where you can enjoy a Michelin-level dinner on the aft deck.

Cerro Negro

Head out from your yacht to Central American’s youngest volcano, Cerro Negro. Formed in 1850, this young volcano is a hub for adventure and excitement. Hike up sandy trails and catch the tell-tale scent of sulphur. At the summit of the volcano, you can take in the barren moonscape of the volcano itself and beyond it, panoramas stretching in every direction. Get your heart pumping and try your hand at ash boarding down the side of the volcano. Dressed in a safety suit and goggles you can fly down the mountainside all the way to the bottom reaching speeds of up to 55 mph. Return to your vessel and enjoy sundowners and dinner while your crew takes care of all the paperwork so you can cruise north, up the coast and into Honduras.


Wake up off the stunning shores of Honduras and after a refreshing breakfast on deck, make your way to Lake Yojoa. This lake is a birder’s utopia with more than 375 avian species. Hike along twisting trails discovering ancient ruins covered in twisting vines and overtaken by nature. Pass cascading waterfalls, thermal springs, and head below ground exploring a series of caves.

Discover the 43m high Pulhapanzak Falls where you can take to the water in tubes or simply swim in the refreshing waterfall pools. For something a little more heart-pumping, take to the skies in a helicopter and fly over the crashing waterfall. Explore Comayagua, a city that served as the capital of Honduras for more than 300 years and boasts a diverse and rich history. Return to your vessel where local musicians will serenade you as you indulge in a delicious dinner. Push yourself and try your hand at learning the unique Latin rhythms of some of the local dances such as bachata and salsa with expert local dancers who will instruct you from the comfort of your own deck.

Copan Maya Ruins

Make your way from your vessel to the Copan Maya ruins where one of the most exquisitely carved stone stelae of the ancient Maya has held a silent vigil over the UNESCO world heritage site for more than a millennium. Walk in the footsteps of the Mayan rulers, passing through the Acropolis and climbing the steep Hieroglyphic Stairway. Watch painted scarlet macaws soar overhead as you unearth this ancient, historic site. Head out on horseback and stop at hot springs for a soothing dip. Visit a nearby coffee farm where you can indulge in a delicious tasting of some of the locally grown brews. Head back to your vessel where you will continue to cruise north up the Pacific Coast to El Salvador. Your crew will make sure that all the paperwork is taken care of so you don’t even have to think about the border crossing.

El Zonte

Wake up in El Salvador off the coast of El Zonte. This seaside town is known for its vibrant surfing scene offering consistent right-hand point break with perfect waves all year round. This bohemian surf town is the perfect place to have a day of surfing, unwinding, and indulging in delicious cuisine. This is an ideal spot for beginners and advanced surfers to practice their skills with expert guides. As you carve through the waves you may even spot a whale breaching the water or turtles swimming alongside you.

Spend a few days in El Zonte indulging in relaxation after an action-packed few days in Central America. This coastal region is the perfect place to unwind and make use of your vessel’s toy chest. Swim or snorkel in the crystal-clear water keeping an eye open for some of the marine species that make their homes here. For something a little more high-octane, embark on races on your vessel’s jetskis or waterskis getting your heart pumping as you speed over the surface of the water. Ease any aches or pains as the expert onboard masseuse treats you to a deep tissue massage that is sure to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Santa Ana Volcano

Santa Ana Volcano is the highest volcano in El Salvador and lies within a tropical mountainous cloud forest. Hike through the Cerro Verde National Park passing volcanic slopes, forested hills, and epic craters. Make your way to the top of the Santa Ana Crater and look out over the stunning park with views of Coatepeque Lake. Head to the green active lagoon and watch it bubble and steam at a temperature of almost 100 degrees Celsius.

Hidden along the Apaneca hills in the west side of the country lies the Ruta De Las Flores. Here you can explore a group of picturesque towns lie together, and you will be able to appreciate the local and peaceful life of Salvadoran people. Take part in coffee tastings and wander through local markets rich with authentic flavour and vibrant with colours. Bring some local ingredients back to your vessel and your onboard chef will use them to create a delicious, locally-inspired meal.

El Imposile National Park

Heli to Bocawina Park. Here, soar over the treetops on a 4km 14-platform zipline course and hike through tropical jungle, thriving with howler monkeys and more than 200 species of birds. Uncover some of the five hidden waterfalls and find unexcavated Maya ruins that have been reclaimed by nature. Covered in jungle creepers, these temples and homes have remained undiscovered for centuries and you will get the chance to be one of the first people to discover them. Get your adrenaline pumping with a 30m rappel down the face of scenic Bocawina Falls. At the bottom, dive into a refreshing emerald pool below the thundering falls before flying back to your yacht for dinner.

Pacaya Volcano

Wake up off the coast of Guatemala and fly inland to witness the grumbling, smoke-spewing Pacaya Volcano. This volcano oozes adventure and shows the extent of nature’s raw power. From Pacaya’s foothills for a trek through the lush pine forest that surrounds the volcano. The pine forest gives way to a barren moonscape of loose rock and pebbles and steam rises from the vents that appear in the ground around you. Some of these vents even offer a peek at some of the bubbling orange magma that lies deep inside the earth. As you climb, a breathtaking panorama will begin to unfold below you offering views of northern volcanoes and the expansive Pacific lowlands.


Explore the stunning colonial streets of Antigua. This colourful city is bursting with traditions, culture, and history and it is the perfect place to get a taste of authentic, local culture. Walk along the charming cobblestone streets lined with brightly painted Spanish colonial architecture stopping to learn about the fascinating history behind some of Antigua’s most picturesque sites. Join locals in some of the city’s comedores and sample authentic and delicious Guatemalan cuisine. With a native chef and guide on hand, learn about the cultural background of these everyday delicacies as you roam through Antigua’s bustling community market. Return to your vessel for a final night of sundowners, local music and delicious food on deck with stunning views over the Pacific Guatemalan coastline.

Lake Atitlan

Explore Lake Atitlan in a native, rustic boat and take in views of the Guatemalan Highlands as you make your way to an indigenous lakefront village. Here you can break bread with the locals and learn about their unique way of life. From here head to San Juan Village where your guide will lead you as you search for the Mayan folk saint Maximon. His home changes yearly as a different member of his brotherhood has the privilege of hosting him. Once at his modest shrine you may meet a shaman performing rituals on some of the local residents. If you are lucky, he may agree to lead you in your own personal service. Return to your vessel for your final night and prepare to begin your journey home.

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