The Bahamas: An Aquatic Oasis

Stretching over 120 miles and home to 365 pristine cays, The Exumas are the ideal spot for an off-the-beaten-track adventure. A Pelorus Yacht Charter here will see you reaching new depths as you utilise submersibles, seaplanes, and tenders to uncover untouched natural landscapes.

When to go

December - August

Stocking Island and Allen's Cay

Start your Bahamian adventure just off the port of George Town, the capital of the Exumas, in Stocking Island – a true mecca for advanced and beginner surfers alike. It boasts some of the best and most powerful swell in the Caribbean. No matter your surfing level, choose from reef, point, and beach breaks and improve your skills with a world-class expert. Catch epic waves and choose to have the best breaks immortalised by a marine videographer who will be in the surf alongside you. After a morning of high-octane surfing, explore the island’s rich underwater landscape and wildlife at the famous Blue Hole (‘Mystery Cave’), which is incredibly rich with sea life.

Cruise over to Allen’s Cay, colloquially known as Iguana Island, home to the Allen Cays iguana, an endangered subspecies of the Northern Bahamian rock iguana endemic to this area. Anchor in the centre of the three islets that make up Allen’s Cay and spot these beautiful creatures in the surrounding shallow waters. Stroll along the edge of this uninhabited haven with a local conservationist who will show you how to respectfully engage with the endangered species as well as enlighten you on current conservation projects happening on and around surrounding Cays.

Thunderball Grotto & Pig Island

Thunderball Grotto is a gorgeous spot, replete with emerald jungle and glistening waters teeming with colourful parrot and angel fish. Hop into a 4×4 to reach the interior of the quirky island, you’ll see for yourself just how special it is. It may even look familiar, as this is where the James Bond movie, “Thunderball”, was filmed in 1963. Re-enact the action by swimming through the same cave which hid 007 before he was finally airlifted to safety. Emerge into hidden pools lit by glittering sunbeams that house an abundance of aquatic life and keep your eyes open for stromatolites, the oldest macrofossils on earth.

After a day of remote exploration, indulge in a tropical picnic set up on the wild shores of these stunning pools by your yacht crew and cooked to perfection by your onboard chef.

You’ll also get a chance to meet and swim with the famous Bahamian pigs on their small scrubby island. Bring them a treat (they will love the yacht’s kitchen scraps) and they might even come to your tender to greet you. As the sun sets over the horizon, creating an intense golden ambiance perfect for an evening drink, enjoy sundowners on the sand or on the deck of your vessel. Say farewell to the sun and watch the unfiltered majesty of the cosmos emerge from the clear skies.

Exuma Cays

Explore the 176 square mile Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, a marine protected area and open aquarium – the first of its kind in the world. The park is a paradise to paddle, snorkel, and dive with a cast of limestone, reefs, drop-offs, blue holes, caves and exotic marine life. Since the park is protected and its waters have essentially never been fished, you can witness the ocean in its purest form, untouched by humanity.

Head to Norman’s Cay where you can snorkel over the wreck of a sunken WWII military transport plane. In the 80’s, it was also used as a transhipment base for smuggling cocaine into the USA by the Medellin Cartel. Only in the late 80’s was it liberated by dive enthusiast and marine biologist, Richard E. Novak, who ensured that this incredible dive spot was accessible to the public.

Andros Barrier Reef

The Andros Barrier Reef is the world’s third largest barrier reef and the third largest living organism on the planet. It is home to a large variety of marine life, with over 164 specifies of fish and coral. It is famous for its deep-water sponges and large schools of red snapper. It is also the only place in the world with more than one Nassau grouper aggregation, but you will also find other sea creatures, including marlins, sailfish, stingrays, reef sharks, lobsters, turtles, moray eels, octopi, and game fish. Explore this underwater paradise before stepping ashore to Kamalame Island, a private escape perfect for barefoot beachcombers and ocean adventurers as it is wrapped in stunning deserted beaches.

This is the ideal spot to indulge in absolute relaxation in The Bahamas’ only overwater spa, which offers unique wellness and organic luxury experience, centred on custom treatments.

Andros West Side National Park

The west side of Andros boasts one of the most uniquely pristine and ecologically diverse habitats in the Caribbean. Within its boundaries lies an amazingly complex ecosystem with vast, scenic wilderness. These pristine coastal wetlands are The Bahamas’ most productive fish nurseries and an important feeding area for the West Indian Flamingo. The mix of shallow tidal flats and mangrove creeks in the Park also provide important nursery habitats for species of bonefish and tarpon.

Utilise your vessel’s cache of SUP’s and kayaks as you explore. Silently paddle along waterways that are home to the Andros rock iguana, Atala hairstreak butterfly, West Indian flamingo, smalltooth sawfish, and sea turtles. Enhance the experience with a local environmentalist who will answer all your questions about the unique wildlife as well as get you directly involved with current conservation efforts at the park for a truly hands-on experience.

Blue Hole National Park

Hop in a seaplane and take to the skies as you soar above Blue Hole National Park, home to the world’s largest concentration of blue holes. Exposed to the elements over thousands of years, the island’s limestone bedrock eroded creating this vast expanse of underwater cave systems. The high angle view over the blue hole from the seaplane is unmatched, capturing the whole essence of this majestic feature. These caves are home to many unusual and unique cave fish and invertebrates, some not found anywhere else in the world. Choose one of the 22 inland holes you’d like to land near and start your hike through the forest to Captain Bill’s Blue Hole.

This near perfectly round blue hole with a wide diameter and a depth of 100+ feet is certainly a sight to marvel at. Head to the gazebo, which has a ledge that extends over 15 feet over the surface of the Blue Hole and take the ‘Leap of Faith’ into the waters below.

Exploring on foot here is the perfect way to get closer to nature. This national park is also home to several rare and range-restricted bird species, including the endemic Bahama oriole and the elusive great lizard cuckoo. Keep your eyes and ears open to hear their distinctive calls and spot them as they dart between trees.

Chubb Cay and Berry Islands

Uncover the hidden depths of the region as you utilise submersibles to gain a unique perspective of the underwater landscape in Chubb Cay and the wider Berry Islands. The low-noise, shallow-deep interface, and high-flow phenomenon have created an ideal habit for dense exotic marine life in both shallow and deep water. Witness rays, sharks, and robust coral and fish populations as you venture over the edge of a vertical wall that drops over 1,000m deep. Join a scientific research team to establish the first ever baseline documentation of the Rarophotic Zone – a lunar landscape and unexplored area about which very little is known.

These diverse islands are a paradise for adventure and you may choose to spend your days exactly as you wish. Cycle across larger cays, SUP down Turtle Creek to encounter starfish and sea turtles. If the time is right, observe a hatching under the moon. Feel a rush of excitement and emotion as you watch these small creatures break out of their shell and run for the ocean, facing threats such as predator birds along the way.

Hike through Bonds Cay bird sanctuary, play the 9-hole golf course and enjoy your yacht’s range of water sports toys at your leisure.

Indulge in the most fulfilling fishing experience at The Pocket on a specially chartered sport fishing vessel. Blue and white marlin congregate in this pocket, together with wahoo and kingfish. Only yards away, west of the marina, Mama Rhoda rock offers excellent diving, spear fishing and flyfishing. If you would like to learn one of these unique skills, an expert guide will be on hand to coach you through the complicated process. Relax as golden hour approaches, allowing your chef to prepare your fresh catch over an open fire on the beach, for a wild, barefoot barbeque. Or perhaps enjoy some of the freshest sushi under the stars.


Finish your extraordinary charter experience in the bustling town of Nassau. The cosmopolitan capital lies in stark contrast to the peace and remoteness of the Exumas. Wander through the colourful streets and stop at local markets for unique handmade crafts, such as Straw Market.

Home to the National Art Gallery decorated with the works of esteemed Bahamian artists such as Max Taylor, Amos Ferguson, Brent Malone, John Cox, and Antonius Roberts, Nassau is the culture hub of the Bahamas. The culture buffs will have an opportunity for a meet with local artists for a unique tour of the city. From bustling markets to colourful houses, this is the perfect way to get an insight into what inspires these creators.

For something a little different, ride horses from the surrounding areas towards the secluded Coral Harbour canal ways. Follow secluded riding trails that wind through the woodlands and along vast stretches of unspoilt sandy beaches.

On your final evening on the yacht, the sun deck will be transformed into a full Junkanoo Carnival for your last night. Junkanoo’s standing as one of the Caribbean’s most celebrated and spirited carnivals is undisputed. Embrace the wild spirit of the Bahamas as you dance the night away to the unique rhythms of a local band. Indulge in unique local delicacies including fresh seafood, freshly picked fruit, and, of course, Caribbean Rum cocktails. After this unforgettable evening, say farewell to your vessel and its crew as you prepare to return home with a wealth of memories that will last a lifetime.

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