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Heli-Skiing Expeditions

Heli-skiing is the ultimate experience for the intrepid skier who prefers untouched slopes and the unexpected twists that come with them. 

With Pelorus Yachting, we can plan your heli-skiing experience year-round with access to destinations and guides in both the northern and southern hemispheres.

Utilising a luxury yacht, you’ll be able to access some of the most remote locations the world has to offer. Having onboard helicopters at your disposal allows for a truly seamless experience as you step straight from your cabin to pristine summits. Heli-skiing from a yacht offers absolute flexibility, allowing you to check weather and snow patterns before repositioning to access perfect conditions.


Unearth fresh spring powder against a backdrop of icy fjords and northern lights in Norway, or glide across untouched slopes in Antarctica on board a superyacht.


Timing is everything when it comes to the perfect heli-skiing adventure. Speak to one of our Expedition Designers to find out more about the optimal seasons to hit the slopes to make the most of your heli-skiing adventure.

Heli-skiing on the coast of Iceland, Arctic


Heli-skiing is the ultimate yachting adventure, unlock the thrill of unchartered slopes and discover Earth’s most unique, untamed locales with Pelorus Yachting, from the Antarctic’s untouched peaks to remote Nordic paradises.

At the heart of these extraordinary adventures is the exclusive access granted by a superyacht, adding an extra layer of luxury and convenience to your once-in-a-lifetime skiing experience, this extraordinary combination opens doors to ski some of the world’s most exotic mountainous regions, promising unforgettable and life-changing adventures.

reaching new heights by helicopter to see sunrise and ski fresh powder

“From heli-skiing remote areas on untouched terrain to participating in conservation and scientific research, ice climbing some of the oldest glaciers in the world, or kayaking through the icy waters, there is a wealth of activity for every type of guest.”

Elise Ciappara
Head of Yachting


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