The Wild Coasts of
Kenya & Tanzania

Sharing a long land border Kenya and Tanzania boast unique wildlife and stunning natural topography. From the secluded and spectacular islands of Zanzibar to crystal clear waters that teem with whale sharks, dolphins, and manta rays you are sure to find thrilling adventure and utter relaxation on this charter experience. Spend your charter kayaking through lush mangrove creeks, diving through dolphin-filled caves, and discovering pristine, secluded coves. Whether you wish to while away the afternoon enjoying a remote barbecue on the beach or heading far below the surface to encounter whales and rays, this stretch of undiscovered coastline is sure to surpass your every expectation.

When to go

October - January

Manda Bay And The Lamu Archipelago

Having touched down in Kenya, you will be met by your captain who will escort you to your waiting yacht. Once on board you will have the chance to meet your crew and get yourself settled in. Spend your afternoon at leisure kayaking through lush mangroves or surfing some of the best breaks in Kenya. As the sun goes down hop onto a traditional Dhow where you will enjoy a sundowner on deck. Catch fish off Kiwayu Island and sandboard down the epic Shela Dunes. Fly to the stunning Amu Ranch, where the African savannah meets the wild coast. Encounter elephants, lions and giraffe that use this ranch as a migratory corridor and learn about the ranch’s crucial conservation work.

Tsavo National Park

Helicopter inland to Tsavo National Park, one of the oldest and largest national parks in Kenya. Visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust elephant orphanage where you will learn about the vital work this trust does to protect and rehabilitate orphaned members of this endangered species. Explore the park on foot or on horseback and you will encounter some of the many big game species that inhabit the park. Enjoy a spectacular, candlelit bush dinner before retiring to your tent to fall asleep with the calls of the bush as your lullaby. Enjoy a sunrise game drive and bush breakfast before hopping on a helicopter to Kifili Creek where your yacht will be ready and waiting for you.

Kilifi Creek

Try your hand at kitesurfing at Kilifi Creek with the help of an expert guide. Or head below the surface and discover the fascinating Vuma Caves, a large underwater cave network that hosts an abundance of marine wildlife. Swim past dolphins that shelter in the caves’ entrance and encounter Moray Eels and Pelagic species that will glint in the light of your powerful torch.

Shimoni Creek

Dive in Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park the so-called home of the dolphins. This stunning park boasts coral gardens and a wide variety of rare and endemic wildlife as well as migratory birds that often pass through the area. Take the chance to get involved in reef conservation work. Dive below the surface and plant new coral or help track changes to existing coral in the area. For something truly unique, explore this Marine Conservation area at night and gain a whole new insight into the nocturnal lives of the species that inhabit this park.

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Cross into Tanzania and make your way to Pemba Island where you will get the chance to swim with, and feed, whale sharks that inhabit these waters. Discover the Njao Gap Reef which slopes sharply down to the ocean floor and which boasts anemones, pufferfish, and bannerfish, to name but a few. Explore the island itself and encounter the famous and secretive Pemba Flying Foxes. Embark on a night dive at Fundu Lagoon where you will be able to feed the sneaky coconut crab, the largest land-living arthropods in the world.

Dive the Fundu gap where you will encounter Manta Rays that glide in and out of the caverns that pepper this underwater landscape. On the eastern side of Pemba take the opportunity to discover eerie shipwrecks, overtaken by nature, and catch sight of the elusive hammerhead shark. Head inland to discover ancient caves that are imbued with powerful folklore and believed to house ancestral spirits.


In the famous archipelago of Zanzibar and explore Prison Island, home to the endangered Aldabra Giant Tortoise. Discover the largest indigenous forest on Zanzibar Island in the Jozani-Chwaka National Park and spot the red colobus monkey, a species endemic to this island. Discover Stone Town a city steeped in storied history where you can learn about this island’s fascinating trading past that has allowed it to become the hub of cultures it is today.

Mafia Island

Swim in the crystal clear waters off Mafia Island and encounter whale sharks and more than 460 species of fish. Join a local conservation programme and collect crucial data on these enormous fish. Kayak through the mangroves or take part in a series of high-octane water sports adventures from kite surfing to jet skiing in the shallows of this sandy slice of paradise. Explore the ruins of Iron Age Sites that litter this island and allow a local expert to give you an authentic insight into this fascinating island retreat.

Say goodbye to your crew and return to the mainland to catch your international flight home with lifelong memories of your extraordinary African adventure. 

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