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Treasure Hunts

Pelorus in the press

Pelorus is consistently working hard behind the scenes to create new and innovative experiences for our clients. In collaboration with Luxury Treasure Hunts, we’re excited to be able to offer clients a unique, immersive and interactive addition to their yacht charter.

“In collaboration with Luxury Treasure Hunts, Pelorus, an esteemed experiential travel company, has launched a series of peerlessly playful yacht adventures. Trove-seeking charter groups traveling to Jack Sparrow’s favorite locations – Sardinia, Antigua and Barbuda, and Indonesia – can join the onboard fun as they dominate the high seas. Staged in unique locations with a filmmaker’s eye, based on real-life figures and for first mates of all ages, the cruises provide a web of clues, interactions and games to guide guests to the treasure, while immersing them into the culture and history of each port.”

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