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Pelorus in the press

Pelorus Yachting features in the April 2023 issue of BOAT International by Olivia Michel and Georgia Boscawen for our remote charter experiences and expeditions to the Great Blue Hole in Belize.

We are delighted to see Olivia Michel feature Pelorus in BOAT International’s April 2023 issue as part of her article on the greatest natural displays to see from onboard a yacht. 

Jimmy Carroll, Co-Founder of luxury adventure company Pelorus, believes the last few years have made people want to explore further afield. “I think, after lockdown, people realised that the natural world itself is just an incredible, beautiful place.”‘

When discussing Belize’s iconic Great Blue Hole, Olivia Michel spoke to Elise Ciappara from the Pelorus team. ‘The 125-metre-deep sinkhole 70 kilometres from the mainland formed in the Ice Age when rising seawaters flooded a cave system. “Whale sharks are typically deep dwellers, but they come [to the surface] to feed when mutton and dog snapper fish are spawning in the area,” says Pelorus’s head of yachting Elise Ciappara. “We encountered them when I was on board 59-metre Teleost.” Using snorkelling and scuba kit from a superyacht toybox, descending in a submersible or jumping into the blue hole from a low-flying helicopter are unique ways to witness them. “They were fairly inquisitive and we were able to snorkel with several,” says Ciappara. “You can feel slightly intimidated when you realise the size of the whale sharks, but with the right team it’s easy.”‘

We were also delighted to see SURI featured by Georgia Boscawen as one of the recommended yachts for venturing further afield to more remote locations with your yacht charter.

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