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Tuamotus French Polynesia

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Marine Wildlife and Island Culture in French Polynesia

Comprised of 77 pristine coral atolls that circle aqua lagoons, the Tuamotu Archipelago is the ideal location for a Robinson Crusoe style adventure. Unlike the mountainous islands of Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora, the Tuamotus are flat and ringed with pink sands and swaying coconut palms.

When to go:
April – November

Set sail between the slender coral atolls of the remote Tuamotu Archipelago. From your vessel, witness swaying coconut palms that shade pink sand beaches and the vast expanse of ocean without another soul. Dive beneath the surface and uncover pristine coral reefs that are abundant with marine life including bottlenose dolphins, grey reef sharks, schools of eagle rays, and even hammerheads.

Head out on tenders with expert marine biologists who know these seas exceptionally well. Join in their mission to protect the species that live in these pristine azure waters. You will take part in their important conservation efforts as you explore the southerly archipelago.

Together with a local dive guide, you will have the option of diving and snorkelling over reefs, walls and slopes, covered with healthy corals and schools of sharks. Whilst tiger sharks are an extremely important part of the ecology of the reef, very little is known about their migration and breeding habits, with little to no research undertaken in these remote parts of French Polynesia. Any you encounter will be recorded and this will be an important part of an overreaching scientific research project used to protect their habitats and data will be processed and used for years to come.

‘Whale season’ in French Polynesia is between June and November and you will be cruising between coral atolls at the perfect time to post farrowing mothers and babies. Your guide will be observing pods and tracking them prior to your arrival, and you will have the opportunity to get into the water with these majestic creatures whenever it is deemed suitable, a truly life-changing experience.

Whilst the Tuamotu Islands are known as reproductive sites of sea turtles, no research has ever been done at the remote areas you will be cruising. On sun-drenched shores and shining sandy beaches, you will observe tracks, nests and (hopefully) be able to identify individual areas used by these iconic animals. Each nesting site you discover will be identified and listed on protection databases, making a real difference to their populations and increasing chances of survival over time.

On days when you don’t want to dive deep below the surface head on land to one of the archipelago’s many islands for days of adventure, culture and unique activity. On land, you will explore deserted islands in ATVs reaching areas that are usually only accessible on foot. Find tiny villages replete with traditions and unique cultures. Listen to stories of how the people in this remote region have carved a life for themselves, living off the land and sea. Discover local history and gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to survive and thrive on these islands.

You will use these skills that you have learned later as you are left stranded on an otherwise deserted island. Alongside survival experts, you will construct a shelter, forage for food, and learn how to build and light a fire. Spent the entire night on the island under your shelter and return to your vessel in the morning for a well-earned breakfast on deck.

Visit stretching pearl farms in search of rare Tahitian Black Pearls and feed on coconut crabs at dusk. In the evening, anchor off a pristine beach and make your way onto the soft sand. Here, a roaring bonfire will be ready and waiting and you can enjoy a delicious wild barbecue accompanied by the soft sounds of local musicians. Dance barefoot on the beach as the sun sets setting the sky and ocean ablaze.

On board, help your captain navigate the rugged atolls that hide beneath the surface. Climb the mast and witness the glittering expanse stretching far away from you in every direction. Kitesurf or wingfoil off verdant islands and race Polynesian kayaks through the clear waters. Use glass bottom canoes or SUPs to paddle easily through the waters witnessing hoards of marine species darting through the waters below you. Learn how to spearfish alongside extraordinarily talented local fishermen. If you prove successful, bring your catch back to your waiting vessel and your onboard chef can prepare it to perfection over an open fire.

After days of adventure, enjoy evenings spent on the aft deck with a sundowner in hand. On your final night, enjoy a party onboard complete with cocktails, dancing, and a delicious, gourmet meal made from the freshest local ingredients paired with wine from Tahiti’s only winery which lies in the Tuamotu Archipelago. 


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